Little Beast - The Downfall Review

Before this album was introduced to me, I had never even heard of Little Beast. I’d heard of some of their influences – Hilary Duff (which had me intrigued right from the start), Red Hot Chili Peppers, Carly Rae Jepsen, Death Cab for Cutie, and Incubus. As you can tell from the list, Little Beast is one of a kind, with their own carefully cultivated style drawn from several different genres and artists. They describe themselves as “an emotional roller-coaster of cynical and sarcastic lyrics, laid on top of styles ranging from folk to sludge to electronic.” They deliver all of those things and more in their album, The Downfall

From Quakertown, Pennsylvania, Little Beast is a homegrown band composed of Logan Freund on lead vocals and bass guitar, Adam Kelly and Eric Lesinski on guitar and backing vocals, and Tom Brucker on drums. The Downfall was entirely recorded, mixed, and produced by Logan Freund. The album includes guest vocals by Laura Fetter on the tracks “The Downfall – Part II – Remembrance” and “The Rise.” Guitarist Adam Kelly wrote and performed his own solos for the songs “Psychos” and “The Downfall – Part I – Innocence.” Drummer Tom Brucker also plays in the band Andross, who will be performing alongside Inner Temple at The Hook’s music showcase in April (don’t miss it!). Little Beast will also be performing alongside Inner Temple in June. 

Check out their tracklist below!

The Downfall Tracklist:

  1. When I Go to Sleep
  2. In Command
  3. Carnival Days
  4. Blamer
  5. Harpy
  6. Psycho
  7. Diver
  8. When I Wake Up
  9. The Downfall – Part I – Innocence 
  10. The Downfall – Part II – Remembrance 
  11. The Downfall – Part III – Acceptance 
  12. The Rise

From the moment I started listening to this album, I was instantly drawn in.

It starts off with “When I Go to Sleep,” a soft one-minute intro with a haunting melody and scratchy, whispered vocals. From there, the rest of the songs on the album are a gripping combination of heavy guitar riffs and vocals that go from soft-spoken to screaming in a heartbeat. Personally, when I listen to music, I pay more attention to the instrumentals rather than the lyrics, because I believe the instruments make the melody. There’s something about a really good guitar track that just makes me feel things, and I like to feel things when I listen to music. The instrumentals on The Downfall, particularly the guitars, were a mix of alternative, heavy rock, progressive rock, and acoustic, and it all came together to make one captivating album.

The Downfall is one of those albums that will take you away when you listen to it, with each song bringing you to a different place. It’s hard to say what my favorite song was, but I’m going to have to go with “Diver,” the dreamy eight-minute long track that transitions from a slow, underwater-like trance to an impassioned lament with beautiful guitar harmonies. For me, the song calls to mind a vision of choppy waters, of a stormy sea, and of swimming in a calm, gentle ocean, diving underneath the waves and letting yourself be taken by the current. As someone who loves the water and was most definitely a mermaid in a past life, this song was bound to be my favorite. The melody in “Diver” was what really got me, and the bass guitar drove it home. 

All of the songs on the album seamlessly transition from one to the other with a smooth change, and the end result is an otherworldly, escapist collection of songs. It ends with “The Rise,” a romantic, twinkling acoustic song that’s entirely different from the rest of the heavy-guitar tracks, but it somehow works to bring the album to a close. I’ll definitely be keeping this one bookmarked, and I’m probably going to have “Diver” on repeat in the next few days.

Give the album a listen on Little Beast’s on bandcamp. Follow the band on social media, and you can download the album for free!

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