Deuteronomy - Psychedelic Power Pop Review

When approached to listen to this record, I knew two things. Deuteronomy was power pop, and the only way I could listen to their most recent release, Psychedelic Power Pop, was by getting ahold of a vinyl copy. Needless to say, I was definitely intrigued.

The New Jersey born & bred band has been around since 2009 - a surprisingly decent amount of time considering how young most of the band members are, but also making Deuteronomy an established, polished band worth listening to. The threesome is comprised of Max Aronow (Guitar, Vox), Dmitriy Prokopovich (Drums), and Keith Steinberg (Bass). Psychedelic Power Pop was released by Creative Space Records, recorded at Atlas Studios in Marlton, NJ - and produced, engineered, mixed & mastered by Andrew Palais.

And if you're wondering what Psychedelic Power Pop is like, it's a lot of anthemic, psychedelic power pop rock. Does that help at all? Of course, this album is much more faceted than just that, an absolute journey from start to finish - and somewhere on the back of the sleeve, "We hope it makes you feel," and it certainly does not disappoint. 

I've got the tracklist for you below to follow along, so check it out!

Psychedelic Power Pop Tracklist:

Side A
Especially Mad For You
Things Left Unsaid
A List Of Demands
Dream Dictionary
A Cuban Sandwich (Alt)

Side B
Naive Garden
Passion Abusers
Dreams As Amontillado

Maybe it's also important to mention that Psychedelic Power Pop is a compilation album - one that highlights (in my opinion) some of the best previous work of Deuteronomy. Every track on the album was previously released within the past 8 years, either as singles, or on EP's prior. The only track not being released (well, it was, just not this version) was "A Cuban Sandwich [Alt]" which is Track 6!

To begin, Deuteronomy is a band that highlights on the absolute prowess and power of a good guitar riff. Instrumentally, the power aspect of their chosen "genre" is fully fleshed - artistically, intelligently, and absolutely mind blowing. Tracks like "Naive Garden" are absolute head trips - at almost 10 minutes long, I found myself going back to it, wanting to revel in it. It opens up with a heavy bass, and then explodes into a quick, swift repetitive motion. There are no lyrics until at least 3 minutes into the song, and even then Aronow's voice only highlights the instrumental method taking place - ambient, drawn out.

Check out "Naive Garden," below on youtube!

Usually I like to go down the list and talk about stand out tracks, but Deuteronomy did a good job of seamlessly putting together this compilation. A hard task for many bands - and some of these tracks range all the way back to 2012 (we're looking at you "Things Left Unsaid"). More impressive is the fact that all of these tracks are the same recordings from when they were first recorded (ie. their original release is the track on this album), which makes it all the more mind-blowing that Psychedelic Power Pop sounds as good as it does.

A true testament to a hard working, polished band who knows where they have been, where they are, and where they want to go. It's essentially 10-tracks of feel good, of feeling anything at all, of head bobbing, anthemic, powerful pop rock that I basically spent two weeks getting lost in - and hey, if my testimony isn't enough to really get you into the mood for listening, Man Overboard's Zac Eisenstein has a copy of it, and also enjoys it.

What more could you want, peep that photographic proof.

So, if you're into this, and we sure are, you can pick up these kickass vinyl copies of Psychedelic Power Pop at Repo Records in Philly, PA - or you can purchase them direct from the band! Europe? Pick one up from our European distributor, SKARO Records

Otherwise, for all of those links, you can check them out below, and for more on anything Deuteronomy, keep updated directly!

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