Acadia - InFocus Review

Out of Portland, Maine comes an indie/alternative quintet that, if you aren't listening to, you should start listening to immediately.

Acadia is a 5 piece Indie/Alternative band out of Portland,ME/Boston MA - comprised of Ben Wilson (Guitar/Vocals), Drake Thompson (Drums), Mike Dunham (Lead Guitar), Jameson Trudel (Vocals), and Steve Luciano (Bass). The group completed the recording of their EP titled In Focus at The Halo Studios with Producer/Engineer Kevin Billingslea. The EP was Mastered by Grammy award winner Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering. An impressive bit for the 6-track EP, but that isn't all that Acadia has been up to.

Acadia has spent their recent time touring the New England scene building up a solid regional following. Even opening for bands like Four Year Strong, Can't Swim (Pure Noise), Conveyer (Victory), For The Win, Light Years!

InFocus, though, is what I'm most interested in! An impressive 6-track EP that really shines in expressing what Acadia is seemingly about. A hard hitting, anthemic alternative/indie sound that reminds me of modern alt-rock noise vibing with early 2000's indie-pop lyricism and precision.

Check out the tracklist below, feel free to stream while you read along!

Opening track "Victory" sets the tone for the following pieces on InFocus - an EP that, unsurprisingly, gets even better as it goes on. With a powerful set of instrumental moments to highlight the vocal crisp and clarity, each track is as hard hitting as the next - and like any great alt-rock group, full of emotion and catharsis.

It's hard to pick a favorite for InFocus, mainly because the entire EP feels strong. "Casablanca" comes in like a tidal wave after "Victory," where I envision the crowd, screaming back the lyrics. "Balance" and "Silence" even out the EP with a more mellow groove, highlighted by the opening guitar riff of "Balance," and the smooth vocal transition in "Silence," these two tracks stand out as grounding anchors for an otherwise more powerful EP - one that may have gotten to be too intense without their pacing?

The band then draws in listeners with "Pawtucket Street Feat. Jordan Black of Like Pacific," and if you're not keeping up with the alternative scene currently, Like Pacific debuted last summer as one of the best contemporary alt bands out there (I might be a pretty big fan). This track really highlights this old school, small town mentality that a lot of earlier alt/indie bands played on - and it's simultaneously a blast from the past, and also an invigorating new future. 

"Radiant Feat. Matty Arsenault of A Loss For Words" closes out the EP - drawing on all of the important aspects of the previous 5-tracks. As far as the rest of the EP, this particular track really didn't do to much for me sound wise - it wasn't bringing anything new to the table, but I appreciated it's stability!

Out of all the tracks on InFocus, I felt the most with "Casablanca." A track that really rounds out my ideal alt/indie (with emo influences) song. You've got references, hard hitting lyricism and vocal performance, and a stable, grooving instrumental backline. Either way, InFocus is probably one of the most impressive, well put together EP's I've had the pleasure of reviewing in quite a few months!

For more on Acadia, and for more on InFocus, check out their social media. Tell them how much you like them, eat a bagel near them, you know the good stuff.