The Stone Eye - Poison Apple Review

The Stone Eye is a hard fuzz rock duo based out of Philadelphia that released their debut LP, Poison Apple back in late 2016. Comprised of lead singer and guitarist Stephen Burdick and drummer Jeremiah Bertin, the two of them have compiled a 10 song album filled with some of the heaviest (and fuzziest) rock I have heard from a local act.

Despite being a 2-piece, The Stone Eye rock even harder than some bands that have twice as many members, and I never felt like anything was missing from their music. Poison Apple can only be described as a “fuzz filled trip through hell” so if that sounds like your sort of thing, you’re definitely going to love this record. 

Poison Apple Tracklist:
1. Paradigm
2. Presence of the Mind
3. Flesh of I
4. King Joy
5. Self-Righteous Man
6. Poison Apple
7. Eden
8. Royale Riot
9. Chief Mayhem
10. Iron Horse


The Stone Eye has cultivated a sound that has seemed to have disappeared from a lot of modern rock altogether. It’s heavy, loud, and loose all at the same time without ever sacrificing songwriting or musicianship.

Although they classify themselves as “fuzz-rock” I consider them more akin to grunge with heavy influences from bands like Alice in Chains, Soundgarden and more recently Royal Blood. Burdick’s vocals are deep and stoic, but in his own unique way emotional nonetheless, and I actually wish they were more prevalent throughout the album. His guitar playing on the other hand is arguably The Stone Eye’s signature sound. Burdick has crafted an iconic style of playing and tone that unites the entire album and then overlays that with a bunch of noise and impressive guitar solos.

Bertin’s drumming on the other hand actually is the standout for me on the record. He fills up so much space with his playing and knows exactly how and when to hold back to keep a steady beat and when to explode with complex rhythms and fills. For music that can sometimes get a little slow and repetitious, Bertin does an admirable job of keeping things interesting.

My biggest complaint with the record is that is all sounds too much alike.

I usually have a track or 2 that stick out in my mind as my favorites every time I write up a review, but nothing came to mind for this record without me having to go back and listen again. It all kind of blended together in my mind. With that being said “Poison Apple” and “Self-Righteous Man” are my 2 favorites because it showcases the band bringing forth a more unique sound. That’s not to say the rest of the album is in any way bad, just rather that this album may be better ingested in smaller listening sessions rather than an entire play through.

Poison Apple is a good album. It’s not earthshattering or revolutionary in what it does, but what it does accomplish, it accomplishes well. The Stone Eye has brought back big, hard rock that isn’t for everybody, but if you’re a fan of heavy grunge, chances are you’re going to love this band and album. The songs may get a tad too long and tend to bleed into one another unintentionally, but that doesn’t take away from the solid musicianship, singing, and production that is exhibited on each track.

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