Georgey V - Trying Review

A true Philadelphia DIY machine is Georgey V, and everything they've ever put out has, and probably always will, be amazing. Their latest release, Trying, made it's debut on November 9th, 2017 and is special in more ways than one. The lo-fi rock & roll 12-track album, in true DIY nature, was recorded in Georgey's West Philly home on their Boss BR-600 Digital 8 Track.

Impressive right?

Even more impressive is the range Trying has, considering Georgey V tracked all parts of every song, with the exceptions of a few tracks including drums on "The Story Of A Madman" and "Try Again," which were performed by Zeth Marra. The violin on "Nowhere Boy" was performed by Jason Loux. In mixing and mastering, Georgey V got some help from Tim Jordan & Paul Marchesani.

That's all for logistics, we've got the tracklist below!

Artwork: Sean Clark

Artwork: Sean Clark

Trying Tracklist:
1. Friends
2. Changes
3. Modern Day Love Song
4. The Story Of A Madman
5. Ghostly Grove
6. Boi
7. Sweet Symphony // ???
8. Nowhere Boy
9. Something About The Way
10. Try Again
11. Goodbye
12. Toi

This album is not for the faint of heart in length.

A truly dedicated listener is required here to really appreciate what Trying is...well, trying to do. Existing in a world that it creates, Trying ebbs & flows through the highs & lows of instrumental tracks, story-telling, and general mischief. The album never takes itself too seriously, while it can take on some more somber traits, it seemingly always picks itself back up.

Our favorite track off the album is definitely "Modern Day Love Song" because out of all the tracks it is it's own entity. It brings a great amount of life to Trying, which sometimes can feel listless as it passes itself by. The back and forth lyricism encompasses what the album might be trying to do in other tracks - and is just plain fun, heck. This song feels like that moment in movies where they're spinning around in a field of flowers, laughing, smiling, and the camera keeps switching perspectives between the two.

Gosh, what a good song.

Other stand out tracks, we wont spend too much time one but you should definitely check out, are "Sweet Symphony // ???," "Nowhere Boy," and "Goodbye." Overall, Trying is telling us a story that Georgey V wanted us to hear. Whatever that story is, well, we want to hear it from now on. Check out this album as soon as possible, and check out Georgey V on social media down below to never miss an update.

As always, thanks for reading, and we'll see you soon.

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