Devon Goods - S/T Review

Glen Rocks, NJ is a tiny place in New Jersey that sits close enough to New York to have a constant identity crisis, and that's ok. Devon Goods is an indie punk quartet that embodies that very sentiment in their newest release, S/T. The 4-track self titled EP is a heartfelt, gut wrenching little album that is the perfect way to ring in Fall on this October evening. 

Devon Goods is Mike Beyda, Zach McCollum, Justin McCollum and Ross Greenberg. The EP was produced by Ryan Stack at Format Audio and we just can't stop listening to it. According to the band, "Justin McCollum and Michael Beyda started writing songs together at the ages of only 14 and 15 and soon after Justin’s brother Zach McCollum to join up on the drums. It wasn’t long until Ross Greenberg (bass) completed the line up and got his brother to help them record their first EP “Teeball” in his basement. Later, in 2015, the band decided to record and release a more polished EP entitled “Couldn't Ask For Anything More.” Focusing on live performances and honing in on their stage presence, the band went on to play a group of weekend tours until they began recording their latest release “Devon Goods” this past April." 

The EP released on June 23rd and Devon Goods say it is the epitome of where they are with their sound right now. Check out their tracklist below to follow along!

S/T Tracklist:
1. Jersey Shore, PA
2. 528
3. Cicada
4. Appleblossom





Opening track "Jersey Shore, PA" is a solid, math-y kind of track that hooks listeners immediately. As a New Jerseyian myself this track speaks to me (probably, right). Devon Goods quickly prove themselves as a hard hitting foursome that wants you to listen to what they have to say. The album boasts that half sung, half screamed mentality of indie punk and math rock. "528" is self described as the most popular song off the album, and to listeners this track does stand out amongst the rest as a nice middle ground.

Personally, I really enjoy "Cicada" because it is softer than the rest. This track leaves the most after the EP has finished, and maybe lyrically the track has more I can hold onto than others. 

Either way, you should check out Devon Goods for yourself and decide. Take our word for it and take the leap into it. We're sure you won't be disappointed with this one. In the meantime, check out their social media down below to catch up with their latest news.

As always, thanks for reading!

Devon Goods: Facebook // Bandcamp