The Foxfires - Reawakening Review

  Photography:   Francesca Pelella

Photography: Francesca Pelella

Out of Nyank, NY comes the seagaze quartet, The Foxfires - and I must say, one of the most upbeat, exciting bands I've come across in 2016 and 2017!

The Foxfires are doing pretty exciting things, and they have been doing exciting things, so when they showed up in my inbox, I was pretty excited to share them on The Hook. The band has been writing music and playing shows extensively since late 2013 all along the east coast and midwest - and have accomplished so many amazing things along the way!

They've shared the stage with acts such as Sparks the Rescue, Rookie of the Year, Hawthorne Heights, Pentimento, Have Mercy, This Good Robot, Gates, Former Misfits lead vocalist, Michale Graves and former Dance Gavin Dance vocalist, Kurt Travis as well as hundreds of others on stages both small and large. In September of 2016 The Foxfires released their first full length album titled, Reawakening with Grammy Award Winning Producer, Ted Young (Hawthorne Heights, Sonic Youth).

Of course, these many accomplishments are impressive, but do The Foxfires bring more than that to the table? In 2016 Reawakening became The Foxfires debut full-length album, and the 10-track album is a nice compilation of what the group has been seemingly working towards!

Check out the tracklist below!

Reawakening Tracklist:
1. Patience
2. Soaring Stones
3. Reawakening
4. Garden of Eden
5. Winter in California
6. Time
7. Fleeting Foxes
8. Lost at Sea
9. Food for Thought
10. Patience (Reprise)


Reawakening is a pretty solid album. The Foxfires do a good job at sounding professional, well put together, and exciting. Most of the album is pretty easy listening - with sounds stemming from genres like shoegaze, indie pop/rock, and surf rock. 

The compilation of these sounds help The Foxfires in being a band that listeners can easily relate to! Their lyrics are good, and their sound is familiar but doing it's own thing. I had an easy time putting this album on and listening to it while I did other work, which I appreciated greatly. I also enjoyed how smoothly this entire album flowed, and not one track felt out of place or like it was taking away from the general ambivalence of the rest of the album.

Check out my favorite track "Winter In California," down below!

Overall, Reawakening is a solid album that really shows off how polished and well performed The Foxfires truly are. For future albums I'd love to see some adventuring out from the tried and true, I'd love to hear something new and exciting - a deviation from the comfortable. But, for now, I'm really digging Reawakening and it's quiet compassion. 

For more on The Foxfires, check out their social media below!

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