Catch Me If You Can - Okay... Review

It's fair to say that The Hook has been pretty heavily influenced by Pennsylvania and New Jersey dominated scenes. However, it's important to highlight how the rest of the tri-state area fits into this equation.

Enter in Catch Me If You Can.

Fronted by singer/songwriter, Ryan Hanratty, Catch Me If You Can is a project based out of Valley Stream, New York. However, Catch Me If You Can has garnered quite the following in the surrounding area, specifically New Jersey thanks to his talent, and the help of promoters such as Brittney On Fire of The Court Tavern, as well as other important figures in the local scene!

Catch Me If You Can caught our eye, though, with his most recent release Okay..., the debut, 11-track LP! You can check out the tracklist for this really interesting beginning for Catch Me If You Can below!

Okay... Tracklist:
1. Lockpicks & Keys
2. Say Anything
3. Bird's Eye View
4. Dead to You (Feat. Brittney On Fire)
5. Trusty Chords/Recovery (Hot Water Music/Frank Turner Cover)
6. Poison (All Winter)
7. T.L. 
8. Original Song
9. Verrazano
10. Poor & Broke (With You)
11. Long Island

Okay... features 11 tracks - and this being CMIYC's first full-length, I was impressed by the evenness of tone and structure that this LP presented! This album is literally just Ryan Hanratty's voice and acoustic guitar which makes for a solid collection that emphasizes the ideals of songwriting.

Hanratty's voice is a nice mixture between indie/alternative. While he presents in a way that feels current in the scene, it is also clear that CMIYC is passionate about making music as a whole. With influences that range from Radiohead, Green Day, Third Eye Blind, and Streetlight Manifesto - it's clear that CMIYC is using these influences in a beneficial way.

Overall, I had a hard time picking out a favorite song. Each track shared similar qualities: minimal guitar, Hanratty's voice empowering the momentum, lyrics to fit the bill. As a first album, this is a really great start. I would love to see what Catch Me If You Can has the ability do beyond this - what would happen if there were other instruments, if the album had the opportunity to be produced differently?

Of course, all of that comes in time and we're excited for what the future can hold for Catch Me If You Can! In the meantime, they will be playing two shows, one on 9/25 in Atlantic City and the other on 10/15 in Chester, NJ!

If you're diggin' what's vibing with Catch Me If You Can, be sure to check those shows out. Otherwise, stay tuned!


Rating: 8/10

For more on CMIYC and what they're up to, check out the social media below! Definitely someone you don't want to miss out on!

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