goldenSpiral EP Review - Dark Matter

Music producer goldenSpiral just released his new EP Dark Matter via Funkadelphia Recordings. Check it out on Soundcloud or Bandcamp.

On this record, goldenSpiral explores his diverse range of interests in the ever-evolving genre of EDM. Adrian Palaschevsky, the man behind the beats, states this record is a small taste of what's to come. A Philadelphia native, Palaschevsky exploits the music brilliance of his community with several local artists featured on this project, including: Alicia Talia, Calvin MC, and Voss.

Every track offers a new flavor, mostly from genres that have nothing to do with EDM. Featuring Alia Talia, the first song "The Awakening" puts a dark twist on the genre. Mixing deep bass patches with spacey vocals and percussion, Palaschevsky achieves a dark and ominous aesthetic similar to a heavy rock as well as electronic. In addition, Talia's vocal phrasing reminds me of a lot of a System of a Down.

The next track is "Murdered Out," and it is steaming with attitude. Featuring Calvin MC, the up-and-coming rapper has a similar vocal approach to hip-hop as Jay-Z. Additionally, with obvious influences from the emerging Southern Rap genre, Trap, some may neglect to hear the subtle nuances inspired by Dub and Reggae. Buried under all that bass and hi hat, the track is held together by consistent keyboard stabs that hit only on upbeats, especially later in the song, just like Reggae. The delay effect used in Dub music fills out the rest of the spectrum, and gives the track an entirely unique aesthetic. Totally bad-ass.

The last track I wanna bring up is "Night Vision" featuring Voss. The political relevance to this track is obvious from the first lyric, "Ain't no comfort in the sound of sirens." The song is narrative based, much like critically relevant rappers today like Kendrick Lamar; and tells a story from the perspective of a young man oppressed by the American justice system. For that reason, it reminded me even more of Kendrick. Not to mention that Palaschevsky utilizes the same formant shifting techniques that Lamar does. This gives the story more depth, as if told from many different perspectives. I dig it.

Keep your eyes peeled. This dude is making moves!

Tracklist: Dark Matter
1. Awakening
2. Murdered Out
3. Certainly Burning
4. Dark Matter

Rating: 8/10

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