RÊVE - La Marionnette Review

Baltimore alt-rock outfit RÊVE is set to release a brand new debut album on September 20th, 2016. The album is called La Marionette and it is required listening for fans of Adventures or PVRIS.

RÊVE utilizes a genre-mash of alternative rock, classical, and avant-garde storytelling to create something larger than the sum of its parts. The goal of this album seems to be crafting a memorable and long-lasting experience for the listener. I had the opportunity to give La Marionette a listen to tell you all about it. 

La Marionette Track List:
1.    Chanson des Rêves Heureux
2.    Marionettes
3.    Agency And Accountability
4.    Inheritance
5.    Inertia
6.    Like Moths
7.    Orpheus
8.    Maid of Heaven

The album begins cinematically with a build-up track overture called “Chanson des Rêves Heureux” that leads you into a different state of mind. Grand, cathartic, and operatic orchestral sweeps lead you into the story of the album. It immediately kicks into high-gear with the pulse-pounding rock anthem, “Marionettes,” a stand-out track for me. “Wake up, if you dare,” wails Athena Hiotis, the band's lead vocalist. She brings a rock attitude with her delivery and it meshes perfectly with the tone of the guitars and violins that drive the song (and the entire album, by extension). 

In “Agency And Accountability,” the vocals are backed up with a full-sounding chorus, giving the climax of the song a very rock opera Broadway flavor. “Inheritance” is funky, with its distorted bass and vocals with furious drums. 

“Orpheus” is one of my favorite tracks. It creates a sense of uneasiness throughout the runtime and slowly builds up to an explosive hard-rocking final climax. 

The closing track to La Marionette is the epic and choral “Maid of Heaven,” their lead single from the album. I enjoy it, so I'll let that song speak for itself. You can check it out right now, as the band has released it alongside a short film music video directed by Edgar David Nazario. “Maid of Heaven” is readily available on YouTube.

Overall, I really dig the sound of RÊVE and can't wait to hear more from them. I'm excited for the release of this album so others can experience them as well. 

Rating: 8.5/10

You can check out RÊVE on their social media sites leading up to the release of La Marionette!

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