Subjerk - Hometown Heroes Review

With a start date of April 2016, Subjerk is absolutely fresh-faced to the scene. However, that doesn't mean these guys aren't already kickin' ass. With their debut EP released a little over a month ago on August 5th, Subjerk has definitely made a splash.

Hometown Heroes was released back in August, but the 4-track EP is a really stellar start for 4-piece Subjerk. Subjerk is comprised of Grant Hill (Lead Vox, Keys, Guitar), Brandon Tomei (Guitar), Melchizedek Diggs (Bass), and Nandi Palmai (Drums). Thus the band was one, and quickly began working on creating music.

According to Grant, "We all linked up to form Subjerk. I wrote all the songs in a six month period before recording in May. All the members of the group brought their own distinct signature to the sound and style though which really improved all of the songs."

Check out the tracklist below!


Hometown Heroes Tracklist:
1. Fresh All Day
2. Hometown Heroes
3. Take from Me
4. Settle






For the little EP that it is, Hometown Heroes is doing a lot of hard work for Subjerk - work that not only makes us impressed in how quickly they've been able to garner a good sound, but also in the solid art making, and all around good indie vibes this EP gives off!

Hometown Heroes opens up with "Fresh All Day," a soft, and stellar track to begin the EP with. This track preps listeners for expectations that the rest of the album follows suit with. This track is most similar to follow up, and title track "Hometown Heroes." While "Fresh All Day" is more representative of what it feels like Subjerk is attempting to achieve in this album; which we see as this really intense indie rock, slow jam. However, "Hometown Heroes" is a lot more gruff, and maybe the most off-putting track of the entire EP. Which is not to say it isn't a good track, because it is a really great track. It just felt most unlike the others in it's attention on a "harsher" vocal section and more upbeat instrumental backing. 

The EP rounds itself out with tracks "Take From Me," and "Settle." These two pieces really showcase the potential and current achieved goals for Subjerk in their debut EP. Hill's really smooth voice in comparison to the quiet guitar, the tempo slow and most definitely reminiscent of good indie; while the bass and drums keep time with these really awesome lyrics. These final tracks were definitely my preferred out of the EP, and that was because it really felt as though I had been placed consciously in really good music - is this what Subjerk is going for? If it is, good on them, because I'm into it.

Well, in the end, we really like these guys. We're genuinely excited to see what the future has in store for Subjerk - and what will Hometown Heroes mean to them in the long run? We hope they sustain this sound, define it, give us more "Take From Me," give us more "Settle." Until then, Subjerk plans on playing some shows up in Massachusetts, and doing a lot of writing with the hopes of a winter debut LP. 

Rating: 8/10

We're stoked they have plans, and we definitely recommend checking Subjerk out. Support your fellow artists, purchase this EP on iTunes, tell them your favorite lyric, eat a cookie with them. In the meantime, check out their social media links below!

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