SPiN - My Hysteria Review

SPiN’s new EP, My Hysteria is a translucent window into the influences of this up-and-coming four piece rock band. Here's how we got there.

The EP drops with the title track, which is the perfect first impression for SPiN to make on their listeners, bringing them into an eerie, yet nostalgic and comforting world, heard through the spooky piano lines. The space created from the reverb is so haunting, it could make even the most courageous listener agoraphobic, and love every minute of it. With that said, track reminded me of "Muscle Museum" by Muse, one of SPIN's biggest influences.

"Someone New," is in the running for my favorite song of the summer, displaying SPiN's influence from the Black Keys, and a more sultry side to their sound. The best part about that track is the emotion from E and Hank (Both Vocals and Guitar) belting their hearts out. Every listener can appreciate an artist coming from an honest place.

"Disappear" is a creepy, haunting feeling for the listener and the bow that wraps up this awesome record. The lyrics make for a very powerful ending to the EP. If you listen closely, during the last thirty seconds of the song, you can hear the sounds of the supernatural.

My Hysteria Tracklist:
1. My Hysteria
2. Someone New

3. Disappear

The EP as a whole is truly satisfying and, by the end, has you craving a longer album. With that said, I'd have to reluctantly say that the only downside of this record is that we need more! However, if you agree, and are indeed aching for more, check out the band's recording of Happy Together, along with their other music posted on Soundcloud and Bandcamp at the link on the bottom of the page.

Album Rating: 9/10

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