the Big Drops - Bloom Review

  Photography:  Ariel Shamir

Photography: Ariel Shamir

When I heard the Big Drops for the first time, I knew I had to write about them.

These witty, charming, almost mischievous collective of artists create a unique sound that is all at once experimental, indie, soft, psychadelic, & full of good vibes. Hailing from New Jersey, the Big Drops quartet includes Greg Kherlopian (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Vramshabouh (lead guitar, backing vocals), Steven Donahue (bass guitar, backing vocals) and Caleb Estey (drums, backing vocals). 

The promising foursome released their debut EP, Bloom, this past May - a precursor, if you will, to an even more exciting fall release in the works. The 3-track EP is an exciting taste of what the Big Drops has to offer - and this EP is an absolute trip.

Check out the tracklist below!

  Artwork: George Skoufas

Artwork: George Skoufas

Bloom Tracklist:
1. If The World
2. Buttercup
3. Leave Me Here


Opening track "If The World" drops (ah, get it) listeners into an atmospheric, thick absolute groove. This track is the reel that pulls us in with the different instrumental elements, vocal tracking techniques, and experimental variations of noise. These are all evident in the notes located at the bottom of Big Drops' bandcamp page, which is an impressive collection of names of artists who helped in creating this 7-minute long EP.

"Buttercup" follows up, maybe the most different sounding track in energy and tempo compared to it's former & latter. Buttercup embodies a childish and impish melody, and is a sincerely nice change of pace to be the "middle child," so to speak, of Bloom. You can also check out the music video for "Buttercup," which is equally as fun and easy-going, below!

Final track "Leave Me Here" rounds out Bloom as a return to the melancholy, ethereal movement that was introduced in "If The World." While "If The World" and "Buttercup" instrumentally sound more biased towards being upbeat, and (dare I say) more fun, "Leave Me Here" explores a more ambivalent atmosphere that allows listeners the opportunity to remain stationary in a moment - my lava lamp goo moved to this song in such a personal way, I felt at peace (at the risk of sounding cliché.

Overall, the Big Drops are doing a lot of things right. Their sound is unique, expressive, and honestly makes me feel really stinkin' good. This teaser of an EP gets me psyched for an upcoming album, with the hopes that the Big Drops will be exploring more of these persistent techniques that are readily available on Bloom. More of Kherlopian's ashy voice, more guitar, and by that I mean all variations, the backing, bass, and lead. Give listeners more drums to keep beat to. 

Maybe my biggest critique would be that I want more - selfishly. 

Either way, check this band out. Listen to their music. Get excited for the future, which is endless and brings us only good things (like a fall release, ahem). I've got this EP on repeat until then, and you should too. Some good indie, some good vibes - I'm smiling, are you smiling?

Rating: 8.5/10

For more on the Big Drops, check out their social media, and check back here for more details on that upcoming fall release!

the Big Drops: Website // Facebook // Bandcamp