Colin Phils - e,r,som,sa... Review

Colin Phils is a 5-piece indie rock band formed in 2013. Formed in South Korea, the band self-released their first album, Right at Home, in June 2014. According to their website, their sound has been described as "part math-rock, part indie-rock, with catchy hooks and harmonies throughout." The band has played throughout South Korea (Seoul, Busan, Cheonan), Lynchburg, Virginia, Binghamton, New York, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen, China.

With all of these amazing successes under their belt, Colin Phils was stoked to release e,r,som,sa... back in May of this year. e,r,som,sa... is poised for success. This band is limitless, and not slowing down for anyone. 

You can check out the tracklist below!

e,r,som,sa... Tracklist:
1. Bad A
2. Moonstone
3. Time Well Wasted
4. I Think Your Name is a Good One
5. To the Sands
6. Don Cabs
7. Happy Clapper
8. Coral
9. Best Foot Forward


The album is constructed well, beginning with songs that are instrumentally lighter and more up beat, leaving us with memorable melodies. However, certain songs struck a chord with more than others. "Time Well Wasted," felt like I had entered into a time machine, the past whizzing right by me. Maybe, in another way, it brought me back to Coheed and Cambria's Time Consumer.

I always find it endlessly interesting that it is possible for us to find two pieces of music that sound similar, but are from two completely separate hemispheres. "Don Cabs" sounds like this post-rock pop-punk band from my childhood, When Thieves Are About. This track also solidifies Colin Phils instrumental ideals such as their math rock sound. 

The last track, "Best Foot Forward," is my favorite song on the record. It closes the record so eloquently and I can't get that opening guitar riff out of my head. While listening to this track, it gave me the sensation of running forward on a carpet that is being pulled out from under me. 

Consider this "smart music," with lyrics to die for - instrumental moments to nod your head at, and a resumé that is only moving skyward. Colin Phils is an exciting addition to Hook Approved bands, and e,r,som,sa... is a technical, touching album full of quietude, ambiance, and sharp hooks to fall in love with.

I sincerely enjoyed listening to Colin Phils, not only for their technical abilities and band-based achievements, but also their original content and pure sound. This band is so unique, exploring and crafting music that is completely their own. I will most definitely be checking them out next time they tour east coast. Until then, I have to keep spinning this record.

Rating: 9/10

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Colin Phils: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp