Kayo Dot- Plastic House on Base of Sky

Kayo Dot's newest album, Plastic House on Base of Sky, represents a lot of good things about the state of modern music.

The album is filled with inspiration and originality while still bearing its influences on its sleeve. Kayo Dot channels Vangelis and Tangerine Dream with their 80's synths and their Bowie-esque vocals. It brings the best of Blade Runner-esque cinematic atmospheric tracks and memorable ambiance and experimental pop together. 

The record starts strong with “Amalia's Theme,” with its dreamy synth runs and echo'd lyrics. The beat is strong and it serves as a great taste for what's to come on the rest of the album. The lyrics are often cryptic and mysterious, speaking of“moonbeams sacramental, poolside cigarette smoke that gryes up like prophecies.” It's great imagery and it incites the keen listener to dis cipher more. 

“All The Pain in All The Wide World” keeps up the cinematic flair. It descends into chaotic, overlapping noise and janky rhythms before coming back together for an exciting close. “Magnetism” is a cyberpunk classic, its patterned drums and arpeggiated synths strike that flavor of futurism that I really love in electronica. The album closes with two great tracks, “Rings of Earth” and “Brittle Urchin,” which slows down the pace a bit for a climactic finish. 

There is a lot to love in this album. I'm giving it an 8.5/10. I think the fidelity of the sound and the tone the album is trying for is reached perfectly and I'm looking forward to revisiting it when I want to transport myself to the distant Blade Runner future of 2019.  You can purchase the album right here!

Plastic House on Base of Sky Tracklist:

  1. Amalia's Theme
  2. All The Pain in All The Wide World 
  3. Magnetism
  4. Rings of Earth
  5. Brittle Urchin

Kayo Dot Links: Facebook // Bandcamp