Thief, Steal Me A Peach - Lanny Review

 Artwork by: Martha McCloud

Today on The Hook, we have a review of something a little bit more interesting than usual.

Thief, Steal Me a Peach is a DIY project out of Philly comprised of Ryan McNeill (drums, noise machines), Dom Vasturia (bass, vocals), and Bill Guy (guitar, keys, vocals) who formed the band in 2010! Named after an EP by Sunny Day Real Estate, the band is clearly influenced by both progressive and punk music. With a few singles and EP's under their belt, the guys from Thief, Steal Me A Peach released their debut full-length Lanny in January 2016.

Lanny was produced by another Philly local by the name of Jake Detwiler, mixed by Ryan McNeill, and mastered at Azimuth Mastering by Bill Henderson - and like every one of Thief, Steal Me A Peach's previous endeavors, Lanny was completely funded and supported by TSMAP - and since it's release the guys have been putting on shows in the area to support it!

As we said above, the band takes inspiration from punk and progressive music combining irregular timing and instrumentation with more traditional sounds - which also makes Lanny the most progressive and greatest effort that TSMAP has enacted upon! Not to mention the group is playing loads of shows to prepare for their Tape Release Show on August 7th at the Pharmacy. The band has also been mentioned as XPN’s concert pick for The Key, along with other notable press outlets, so we are incredibly excited to bring this fresh faced band to our readers!

This record is a really interesting concept album that seems to be tied together with the use of samples and structure. A record that requires an open mind, something that is a key characteristic of this kind of sound.

What makes this record special is that exactly. The expectation and anticipation that you’ll hear can be something that you are not necessarily used to. Ryan tells me that when writing the record they wanted to put something out there that “sounded like a complete work,” and is tied together from start to finish, much like a conceptual album is.

The album features 12-tracks, and as we've said this album is definitely different, but this difference is what makes it unique. Six tracks are devoted specifically to "phase" tracks, in which the tracks are entirely instrumentally experimental, much like windows that surround more "traditional" lyric driven tracks. With the experimental sound, use of recorded voices, noises, as well as instrumentals and punk-esque vocals - Lanny and Thief, Steal Me A Peach are exciting because they're trying something new.

Check it out below!

 Artwork By: Martha McCloud

Artwork By: Martha McCloud

Thief, Steal Me A Peach - Lanny Tracklist
1. Phase 1: In Which Doris Gets Her Oats
2. Sick Unbelievable is Party Now!
3. St00pid Ph4t: Endut! Hoch Hech!
4. Phase 2: We the Tikopia
5. I've Bought a Thousand Honeydew Melons over the Years, but Only Three Have Been Ripe
6. Joe McCarthy and Hula Hoops
7. Phase 3: Warm Liquid Goo Phase
8. Summers on Jiri Tlusty's Turkey Farm
9. Phase 4: Cantaloupe Like This Should be Taken out of Circulation
10. Phase 5: Dramatization May Not Have Happened
11. Tunguska
12. Phase 6: I'll Ruin You Like a Japanese Banquet

The band continues to refer to Lanny as a “thematic album,” as opposed to an album that was just a bunch of songs written about "the same thing." Many of the “noises & sounds” you hear in the record are inspired by The Mars Volta, and are there to bring each song together into one cohesive work of art. Which, it does, so strap yourself in for a trippy and unique listening experience, one that I think is a sincerely great and impressive record for listeners!

If you want to see these guys live, head over to The Pharmacy on August 7th (right in Philly!) for a listening experience that is out of this world, and a stacked bill of amazing bands in addition to Thief, Steal Me a Peach. 

Rating: 8/10

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