In Lights - Running With Scissors Review

I recently had the pleasure of writing about an emerging pop-punk band with a nostalgic sound by the name of In Lights.

While they have not been around for very long, they have managed to come together as a band very quickly. In Lights released their brand new EP on July 1st called Running With Scissors

All four songs are high energy and great for fans of Hit The Lights, All Time Low, and Neck Deep; especially older pop-punk bands that were some of the leaders in the genre. In Lights are definitely for the lovers of quintessential pop-punk.

For a band who has only been around for a little over a year, they have really managed to hone in on a sound that people will be able to recognize and identify with and have put together a collection of songs that truly show the best of the band. It took the band a little bit of shifting to solidify a lineup that rocks, but when they did come together as a group, they really came together. 

Running With Scissors Track List:
1. Running With Scissors
2. One Year Down
3. Play Your Cards Right, Kid
4. Turn Tables

In Lights' Running With Scissors is a reincarnation of the original pop-punk sound that fans of the genre have learned to love. No whiny vocals from these guys. They really pack a punch. They have an older pop punk sound… before pop punk got annoying while still being in the now and being an original unit. They blend strong and deep vocals with technical riffs.

While the band only has this EP to speak for so far, they are definitely in the studio working hard to bring us a full length record. I think In Lights will be able to ride the energy of these four new songs they have released into a full length that will blow the minds of pop-punk lovers old and new.

Overall the songs are catchy, emotional, and hard hitting… and who doesn’t love that? 

Rating: 7/10

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