Wetbrain - Single Review "She Bad"

Philly runs a good game and Wetbrain is maintaining our momentum.

Proving to be both inventive and innovative, the group resists being merely “genre-benders.” Instead, they have created a genre of their own. “She Bad,” the group’s first collaboration track, takes EDM influenced instrumentals and lets them dance with honest, clever lyrics giving the collective an organic, signature sound. With the help of his fellow members, Andrew Haff wrote, produced and recorded the song, at their recording studio The Jug, making it a home cooked masterpiece.

Team work makes the dream work, cliché, but true. The reason why the track is so fabulously woven is because several people had a hand in creating it. Band members Andrew Haff and Matt del Rio along with their longtime friend Adam “Rone” Ferrone and Russell Kutys. 

First established in 2014, the original Wetbrain (Matt del Rio, Andrew Haff, Tim W, and Judah K) only performed at two open-mic events and recorded three tracks together: “Pipe Dreams,” “Gunn Sack,” and “Jazzy Brue.” While recovering from drugs, the group was able to focus on what mattered most to them, heath and music. Initially, they tried to make Trip-Hop but realized that they were more passionate about music than labels, so they poured themselves into a mic and allowed themselves to be self-defining.

After all, the purpose of creating art is to breakthrough boundaries.

While bassist, Tim W and drummer, Judah K left parted from the band, the old line-up established a foundation, a standard for the group to be held to. Like most artists, Wetbrain mirrors most who they are inspired by. The unrestrictive nature of their music makes them like their beloved Kendrick Lamar, Wu Tang Clan, Chance the Rapper, Outkast, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Cage the Elephant, and Rage Against the Machine.

The new and reformed Wetbrain (Vocalist, Matt del Rio, vocalist and guitarist Andrew Haff, bassist Matt Antoina, and drummer and vocalist Branden King) have managed to release fourteen tracks on soundcloud.com and are currently preparing their sophomore EP, due for release in Fall 2016. 

See the band in action: 
8/5/16 7:00PM Caravan Music Festival (Belgrade Lakes, ME)

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