Sunset Harbinger - Finally Home Review

Every once in a while, an artist comes along that makes me truly feel like the future of music is in safe hands. A certain sound that feels like it's here about 10 years too soon. I get really excited, ready to search around for artists that can capture that feeling to transport myself into the time period where this kind of music is popular and abundant.

That's how I felt while I was listening to Sunset Harbinger's Finally Home

Sunset Harbinger is an indie futurepop group that embodies futuristic chill-out vibes. There is a whole lot of style in this release. 

The opening track, “I Need Another,” instantly transports you to the space-age observation deck floating in funk zero-gravity. The fantastic drums and bass funk keep a flow going, backed by a 70's horn section and a wonderfully-textured ambient synth run. 

“Glass Jar” is one of my favorites from the album. It's a sweet groovy track with a stellar vocal melody and powerful lyrics. Songs like “The Kraken” and “All For One Man” shake up the pace, having undertones of math rock and a bit of a heavier sound than the rest of the album. 

The album closes with the title track, “Finally Home,” a beautiful calming track that highlights the major themes of the lyrical content of the album. Thematically, the album is about coming to some sort of understanding with one's self and their relationship with the world around them. 

Overall, I'm giving Finally Home a 9/10.

It's captivating, futuristic, beautiful, and sonically interesting. I'm really looking forward to seeing where Sunset Harbinger will take me next. You can listen to and download Finally Home from their Bandcamp page!

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