Boys Noize - Mayday Review

Berlin based electronic music producer, Boys Noize, released his new album Mayday on May 27th. 

Alexander Ridha, the man behind the pseudonym Boys Noize, releases music reminiscent of French electro of Kitsune Music and Ed Banger Records. In fact, you may have heard his tune, “Le Disko,” featured in the movie Project X. Ridha’s talents don’t end as a producer. He is also a prolific remixer, having reinterpreted works by well-known acts like Bloc-Party, Depeche Mode, Feist, and Justice. Mayday stays true to traditional elements of Techno and House, while at the same time pushes the boundaries of EDM. 

The album begins with “Overthrow,” which has a very gradual build, evolving into a four on the floor rhythm that’s sure to be an intense warm-up for the rave. After the beat drops, like most of the tracks on this album, listeners will have flashbacks to some of their favorite and most memorable moments from that over the top rager of a house party they went to last summer.

Remember that night? Neither do I. I was wasted.

Although this record stays true to traditional elements of house and techno, Mayday has an entirely different mood. It’s intense and aggressive all while maintaining a smoothness and fluidness. A few tracks, like “2 Live” for example, make me feel like it’s the 1980’s and I just hopped into the Delorean with Satan and we’re cruising around the city and bringing the fucking noise. It’s totally awesome and so unique!

Ridha’s track “Birthday,” featuring Hudson Mohawke and Spank Rock is another banger featured on this album. The hook is so intense and catchy that it’s almost spiritual. Not to mention Mohawke lays down some pretty sweet verses and the backbone of the tune, “Everyday I wake up, It feels like my fucking birthday.” It goes without saying. This track will get everyone at the party turnt.

Mayday Tracklist:
01. Overthrow
02. Mayday
03. Dynamite (feat. Benga)
04. Rock The Bells
05. Euphoria (feat. Remy Banks)
06. 2 Live
07. Would You Listen
08. Revolt
09. Starchild (feat. POLIÇA)
10. Midnight
11. Los Niños
12. Hardkotzen
13. Birthday (feat. Hudson Mohawke & Spank Rock)

If you love EDM, but need something a little different than the everyday house and techno artists, Boys Noize is your guy. Check him out.

Rating: 9/10

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