Dylan Young - How It Felt Review

 Photography: Mike Shibby

Photography: Mike Shibby

East Coast native, Dylan Young, spent the last couple of years working on a really cool album - How It Felt is reminiscent of a time capsule, living and breathing.

The album stood out to me because in it's aptly named truth, it features songs that feel confessional, emotional, open-wounded and willing to continue wearing the metaphorical heart on sleeve.

Released on June 21st, How It Felt is Young's debut 10 track LP. The album was tracked/produced at Timber Studios with Adam Cichocki, and mixed/mastered by Sam Carlen. The album bloomed after enduring a project that Young held over the course of the past few summer weeks, which he released a few tracks at a time - an effort we've seen successful in other bands, and one that definitely hyped us up to what How It Felt would have in store for listeners.

How It Felt is an impressive collection that cultivates Dylan Young's previous singing/songwriting abilities into one uniformed effort. With his most recent release before this being single "Must Be Love," back in February, listeners should sincerely get stoked on How It Felt.

How It Felt Tracklist:
1. Burn
2. How it Feels
3. After Words
4. Brooklyn
5. Curse of the Hips
6. Interlude
7. Falling
8. The Quiet Room
9. Patience
10. Cheap Cigarettes


The 10-track album moves like an ocean current, each song shares the same wave - written by Young over 3 separate sessions from 2013-2014. Upon learning that these tracks reflected a different time period for Dylan, it made me rethink how I approached How It Felt.

What does it feel like to endure emotion, and not just in that moment but in recollection - our brains are not reality, and yet is the only thing we experience. How does that translate over time? How does that translate in music and songwriting?

It would seem that regardless of when How It Felt took place, the ideals and meaning translate over time. Young's sound is progressive, upbeat, moving. Of course, How It Felt shares classic techniques of singer/songwriter including guitar heavy, well written lyrics, and vocally driven tracks. Not to mention how well and coordinated the tracks feel against one another - and how impressed I was to see how well "Burn," the opener, correlated with final track, "Cheap Cigarettes," like bookends. 

My absolute favorite tracks were "After Words," and "Brooklyn." Which isn't to say I didn't like all of the tracks, because every track on this album is really freakin' good. These two tracks stood out to me, however, because I felt the most emotionally drawn to them. "Brooklyn," caught my attention with a super rad whistling beginning, no really there is whistling, which captures a really catchy beat and track. 

"After Words," is a really great culmination of what I took away from How It Felt. "I'm over it. Can I come over?" speaks so heavily as a lyric, as an ode to anybody or nobody or somebody - and tell me you haven't had that thought? 

Check out the video below!

Some other really stellar tracks I enjoyed were: well, all of them. Catchy, perfect for listening to when you're into someone, or when the someone you're into isn't into you, or if you're finally over them, or if you've just met that cute person - How It Felt has a track to fulfill every emotional pinpoint you've been trying to cover up, so let it happen, ya know?

Needless to say, if you've had enough of me gushing over How It Felt and Dylan Young, maybe you should just go and check out the album for yourself. Send Dylan a poorly crafted meme, talk about chicken tenders, or maybe just yell at him for how sad and reminiscent the album makes you feel.

Rating: 9/10

Either way, you should listen, and check out his links below to stay updated on some really cool, and really good music.

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