The Fifth Down - More Than Just Your Own Kind Review

We recently introduced The Fifth Down as one of The Hook's local features!

The Red Bank, NJ natives, The Fifth Down just released their most recent debut album, More Than Just Your Own Kind on June 3rd! The 10-track full-length rings in as The Fifth Down's debut album, a successor to their 4-track 2015 EP, A Reason To Celebrate. Let me begin with this: More Than Just Your Own Kind is a giant, successful step forward for The Fifth Down.

In comparison to it's predecessor, More Than Just Your Own Kind is more mature, using the members in a more precise and deliberate way, and sincerely filling out the big shoes that the indie-punk scene leaves open.

This album actually reminded me a lot of a happier Foxing if that doesn't sound weird at all?

More Than Just Your Own Kind Tracklist:
1. Young Moth, You're Just Like Icarus
2. Cowboy Dream
3. Monte Carlo
4. Canada Dry
5. Eagle To Apollo
6. Kettlecorn And Dopamine
7. Landmine
8. Gas Station Sushi
9. Bern
10. Bookends

First of all, let's talk about these track titles. You can peep the tracklist up above, and dang - I don't think I've ever reviewed a single album with track titles that are literal perfection. I mean, there is definitely something to be said for titles - they're gateways to interest. If you have a good title, you have an intrigued listener/reader and with songs named, "Bookends," or "Young Moth You're Just Like Icarus," how can you not want to listen to The Fifth Down?

Answer: You always want to listen to The Fifth Down.

Secondly, the tracks do not disappoint. I was blown away by the sincerity and intensity of the lyrical content that More Than Just Your Own Kind boasts in all 10 tracks. Some of my favorite tracks include "Eagle To Apollo," and "Bookend," which isn't to say that I don't love all of these tracks (because I do) these were just some of my favorites.

Here I'll name a few other favorites if you aren't satisfied: "Canada Dry," and "Monte Carlo."

With lyrics like "and you already know why i might like you / and that's the worst part about you / cause you don't need guys like me / to wax poetic for hours about you," (Eagle To Apollo) or, "with you crass comments and complaints / you were not designed for social restraints / and it's a blessing as much as it's a curse / to feel the breeze of a cold shoulder instead of letting it hurt," (Kettlecorn And Dopamine), I was immediately drawn to The Fifth Down.

As a writer (one who focuses a lot on creative writing) I was legit blown away by the lyricism of this band. The cathartic, poetic indifference in these lyrics - it's like I've thought these things without ever being able to put words to them. Not to mention the ridiculous amount of super clever bits of word play - all of this just the tinder to light the fire.

Pair this with the intensity of singer Kyle Murphy and the precise blending of instruments thanks to Elias Kotsis on keys, Bobby Lussier on guitar, Ethan Wagner on bass, George Ford on drums, and Dylan Levine on guitar. This five-piece creates this really stellar collaborative effort that turns More Than Just Your Own Kind into one of my favorite albums of this summer.

If you need more justification on how rad these guys are, I'll leave you with some lyrics "she said I had less friends than shitty guitars / so I found five friends and they're all in my car / now we're just five friends, and we know who we are / we're just five friends with shitty guitars" (Young Moth, You're Just Like Icarus)

Rating: 9/10

As always, check out their social media, buy the album, support your local bands, buy these guys some PB&J sandwiches. 

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