Surviving The Era - Parallax Review

Since March 2016, California’s Surviving The Era has been working on their second album, Parallax. They have made themselves known in their home state by supporting such acts as Burn Halo and He Is Legend. Since their debut in 2014, these guys have been out making music they want to make.

This is something I can admire, as I'm really not a fan of selling out or changing your sound to sell more albums. I’m glaring at you "Fall Down Boy."

These guys show heavy influences from genres like Punk and Pop. Their heavy instrumentals and mixed vocals give the listener faith in Pop Punk. Although this is not my genre, I was more than willing to give this record a listen. I did not regret it at all. With Dryw Owens behind the board as both engineer and producer, the record will be released by Little Russia Recordings. The album is set to be released tomorrow, June 18th. 

“Queen of the Sea” starts the record off with brief feedback and the boys get right into it. The first thing I noticed about this track was how clean it was. What I mean by this is the rhythm gets right to the point. This 3:09 song does not waste any time. I could easily see a radio DJ fitting this track in their playlist. This song is catchy, loud, and energetic. The instrumentals follow the emotional weight of the lyrics like a lost puppy. This is my favorite track on the album and it was a great start to this musical journey. 

The second track, “Here in the Dark," shows the pure talent of the band. This song, much less like the first track, has a very melodic feel. While “Queen of the Sea” is a great punk anthem, this track is a soft ballad. I enjoy songs like this because they show us the talent of both the main and supporting vocals of the group. The riffs in this are easy to catch and fun to follow on their own. This is a song of struggle with your own personal demons. Knowing that these demons have kept you down before but you have had enough. Things will be different this time and you will not let them conquer you.

“City Church” is a love song about struggling with the one you love “tugging at your heartstrings”. The love interest in this song is not committed to you, disappearing when you need them the most. You beg them to look into themselves and find some feeling for you. But even if they do not, they will still torture you with their existence. This song reminds me of Paramore’s “Crushcrushcrush” while it is a heavy track, it still maintains the emotion in the lyrics.

"Give It Up" is really cool track because it combines the power of the first track and the melodic tone of the second track. This song is about trying to win back someone you love. The speaker begs the lover to not give up on their love, asking them to stay together because he would not survive without them. 

“Maps” wraps up the album with the same pace of “Queen of the Sea." It was a great way to summarize the whole album. It had aspects from each of the tracks, making the song a tempo rollercoaster. It also displays the chemistry of the group really well, both vocally and instrumentally. The vocals once again provide match the emotional power of the lyrics with the tone, being in sync with the instruments. 

This is a very well put together record that displayed each member’s talent and togetherness. Each song has it's own style and yet they all pull influences from each other. I would recommend Surviving The Era to anyone who is into AFI, Paramore, or SafetySuit. 

This group has a Pop heart, but a Punk backbone. I don't want them to change a thing. What they have going for them is great. Keep up the good work guys! 

Rating: 9/10

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