Alive & Well - From Basements To Beaches Review

San Diego, CA pop-punk/rock trio, Alive & Well announces their sophomore EP, From Basements to Beaches, released on June 3rd.

The 4 track EP was engineered and mastered by Beau Burchell at the Cottage, and mixed by Alan Douches at West Side Music. This concept album explores the ideas of positivity, determination, and perseverance; focusing primarily on overcoming life’s trials and tribulations. Matt States, “Bad things will happen, you'll have to encounter heartbreak, death, and tragedy and you'll have to move through it." Proving that determination years ago, the group self-produced an EP, The Escapism Sessions.

Matt started playing the trombone at a very young age, and he continued to play in college where he learned classical and jazz. Most of his passion to pursue music generated in high school, and it was there where he decided to form Alive & Well. The group went through a few phases and drafts, but after several years, Matt teamed with Mike and Eric to form the group that has such a large following today. They’ve performed alongside musical geniuses such as Light Years, Driver Friendly, Such a Mess, Head North, and A Will Away. 

Fuck Yeah Pop Punk Raves: Alive & Well's EP, From Basements to Beaches, embodies so many things I love; music that reminds me of the sunny beaches of California, aggressive riffs where I can feel the members emotions, and lyrics that hit home on so many aspects of my life. What more could you want in a pop punk band?

The constant cacophonous riffs of the electric guitar running through the underlying, but attention demanding percussive instruments in all four tracks throws the listener in an unending spiral of pleasant uneasiness and energy. The title From Basements to Beaches doesn’t at all imply that the band has moved on from one lifestyle to another, but instead suggests that the basement was brought to the beach.

Alive & Well’s music does not allow the listener to feel at peace, sunbathing on a towel in the sand. It lets them feel the sun ironing their skin as they cool off along the shore line, the sweat dripping from their scalps to their trunks during a game of beach volley ball, and it them under a tent to sit in a with a group on friends, allowing them to feel their stomachs turn after having too many drinks, but offering them another anyway. 

Their Facebook band page’s interests says, “Enjoying the fuck out of life and what we've got.” The tunes in the EP pushes a message of unconditional happiness and non-circumstantial fulfillment.

This is most evident in “259 Park Drive,” the lyrics being the following: 
If my liver quits just before your lungs
The smoke and alcohol was worth it
Knowing that we all had fun
You were there for me when I couldn’t be alone
My monophobic tension dwelling in an empty home

The verse later ends with “young and reckless, dumb and restless, what a beautiful disaster we are worth.” Persistence and optimism also seeps through in “Transplant Rejection,” a symphonious tale about leaving everything that is important behind to find what is actually important somewhere else. 

Rating: 8/10

Check out the EP, or head over to their social media for more news on Alive & Well!

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