GreyMarket - The Stress Kills Review

GreyMarket, a Florida-based electronic/alt-punk two piece band, released their new album on May 5th titled, The Stress Kills

The record is a twelve-track head-first dive into a wide spectrum of genres, hitting everything from indie rock to glitch-riddled electronic and power-pop to chip tune. The album is reminiscent of the styles of Twenty One Pilots or Matt & Kim but with a progressive twist. One of the most impressive aspects of this record is in the band's proficient synthesiser programming and instrument playing.

The guitarist and vocalist, Cave Mccoy, rips tons of heavy, intricate guitar riffs that really cut through the mix. Additionally, Mccoy matches the intense instrumentals with the impeccable range of his vocals. However, all of the sonic madness is held together by the energetic drumming of Michael Garguilo.

The Stress Kills begins with the song “Minutiae” and drops the listener into a sea of sound created by overdriven pop-rock electric guitar riffs, affected synthesiser melodies and arpeggios, and an aggressive acoustic drum beat. But don’t get too comfortable. GreyMarket is influenced by a plethora of different musical styles that can totally be heard throughout the rest of the record. On this album, no song sounds like any other.

For example as soon as the listener get’s used to the alternative pop-rock sounds, “Airplane” comes in, showing off the band’s versatility with it’s heavy dubstep influence fusing with alternative rock, bringing together an original sound consistent of deep bass, noisy synthetic drum samples, and lush synthesisers. In fact, this tune in particular (along with the record as a whole) was reminiscent to the music of Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails.

  1. Minutiae
  2. Tied in a New Knot
  3. Airplane
  4. Lunacy
  5. Reality
  6. Don’t Let In
  7. I’m Warning You
  8. Thrown to the Wolf
  9. Welcome to the Blackout
  10. Almost and Always
  11. Malady
  12. Consider Phlebas

The Stress Kills is an awesome album, not only for the band’s musical proficiency, but because it is refreshing and genre-defying. Who knew alternative-punk and electronic music could blend together so well?

Rating: 8/10

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