The Loud Company - Amateur Science Review

 Photography: Zave Smith Photography

Photography: Zave Smith Photography

Let's talk about alt-rock - more specifically, let's talk about The Loud Company.

Coming out of Philadelphia, PA, The Loud Company is a four-piece group of dudes focused on really great, old school alternative-rock music. Comprised of Zach Boyle (Vocals, Guitar), Travis Mckayle (Bass, Vocals), Alex Nekoranik (Lead Guitar), and Paul Nance (Drums) The Loud Company is a really cool collective making really great music.

The band's been around a few years, the brain-child of Zach Boyle, and their discography includes three EPs dating back to January 2014. However, The Loud Company have been sharing their most recent release, Amateur Science. The newest album Amateur Science was released on May 13th, and follows 2015's EP, Head Movies, and marks a turning point for The Loud Company as their debut album!

Here at The Hook, I've had the pleasure of not only checking out The Loud Company, but really getting into the nitty gritty of what Amateur Science is about and doing as their debut album!

Basically, here's the short answer: if you're looking for really solid, well written alt-rock then The Loud Company is about to be your local fave (if they aren't already).

Now, if that isn't word enough, here's the long answer: For as long as I can remember I've loved alt-rock. While I maintain and appreciate what different genres of music have to offer, I've always felt most connected to alternative and alt-rock styles of music because they combine two things: impressively well-written lyrics and super low-key musicianship that often creates this really fuming and cool listener vibe.

∆TLC is fulfilling all of those things for me.

Amateur Science is the most mature and put together sounding collection from The Loud Company - something that comes with time, with the experience of three EP's. They found their sound, and holy shit it's good.

Check out the track-list below!

Amateur Science:
1. Redrum
2. Queen Creep
3.I Lost Feeling
4. Big Stars
5. Lady Lookin'
6. Born Ready
7. All Ten Fingers
8. Snake
9. The Killing (Is Killing Me) 
10. Sold Out

While this album sometimes incorporates tactics of metal and punk musicianship/vocal work - the lyrics prove boldly to be alt-rock all the way. As I was saying earlier, this is a refreshing and current take on some old school alt-rockers like a heavier Smashing Pumpkins, or Nirvana, & Pearl Jam - ambient styles like Bob Dylan, or Yuck.

As you can see above, the album opens up with "Redrum," a heavy-hitting and really intense song to get the album started. This song gave a breath of fresh air to listeners who already know previous The Loud Company works - stylistically a different opening than some of their EPs gave!

I really enjoyed how this album also played with nonconventional forms - my absolute favorite track is #10, "Sold Out," which employs a carnival-esque nuanced sounds to accompany the haunting vocal work of Zach Boyle. Another great song that uses what sounds like a cow-bell is "I Lost Feeling."

The guitar, bass and drums in this album are also really perfected. They exchange into one another nicely to create impactful sound, working in tandem with Boyle's voice which is deep, throaty, and has rock written all over it (probably). This is really apparent in songs like "Queen Creep," "Big Stars," and "All Ten Fingers." 

Don't get me wrong, though. I had a hard time writing about this album because each song is relative. The Loud Company did a superb job arranging and writing these tracks - and even their placement on the album feels well choreographed to keep the listener on a journey of sound, but also know we're still in the same place, listening to these super talented musicians. 

Did you like the long version too? Was that not enough clarification and persuasion?

How about this - listen to The Loud Company and their debut full-length, Amateur Science. You can formulate your own opinions, find your own favorite songs. Just know this band is totally Hook Approved.

Rating: 8.5/10

As always, check out their social media! Ask them about their favorite way to eat sandwiches. What they like to do on Friday nights. Listen to their album with them. Stop sleeping on this fantastic local alt-rock and "do it," - Shia Lebouf.

The Loud Company: Facebook // Bandcamp // Twitter