Nevruary - Noegenisis Review

Released on April 29th, Nevruary's second full-length album, Noegenesis, is an eclectic mix of alt/pop electronic funk!

The band takes their ideas in every direction on this album and that sounds like a problem...but, it never feels like they are trying to do "too" much! There are shades of Hissing Fauna-era Of Montreal sounds on this album, with the serene and sympathetic falsetto choruses filling out each song and hype-manning the lead vocals. Nevruary layers in interesting hip-hop chill vibes towards the end of the LP as well!

The super melodic funky bass is a standout feature in every single track on this album! It is the primary form of instrumentation that they use. There are no guitars in Noegenesis, simply bass, piano, drums, and the occasional wah-synth to accompany the vocals. 

“The Runner,” released as their single, is a slower song and features a catchy hook, “They call me the runner...” The driving force of this song is the droning drum beat and the piano riff, all underlined by the funk bass guitar.

The next song on the album, “Alone To Lead,” takes the funk bass in a different direction, jumping all over the place in a steady riff, while “No Strings” is a powerful ballad that takes away the bass and gives us a beautiful piano/string orchestration. “Backslide” is a hidden gem on the album, it's a small instrumental break that gets showcases a variety of sounds that appear on the LP!

My favorite song on the album is definitely “Under Microscope.” A funky epic that seamlessly transitions through all of the varied flavors that this band juggles. This is a huge stand-out track for myself. 

Check out the track-list below!

1. Jupiter
2. Crest Point
3. Untamed
4. The Runner
5. Alone To Lead
6. No Strings
7. Backslide
8. Steep Faith
9. Distraction
10. Under Microscope
11. In Black and White
12. Unsatisfied

Overall, this album is one you should check out. The memorable hooks, the interesting tonal sound and instrumentation, and wonderful tracks such as “The Runner,” “Distraction,” and “Under Microscope,” really give this album a great feel. I'm looking forward to more releases from Nevruary!

Rating: 9/10

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