Muscle & Marrow - Love Review

The curtains rise to reveal a dead animal center stage. Viscera and black ooze swirl around it, moving independently of external force. The visual is disgusting and revolting but it's oddly beautiful and comforting. This image is decay, madness, loss, and Love

Muscle & Marrow's second album is operatic and chaotic. Singer Kira Clark shines on this album with droning lyrics and multiplied vocal tones, layered and echoing on top of one another to create the rhythm of the album. Love is strong and powerful. It's an album of reflection; if you pay attention, you're going to find something to think about. 

Clark wanted this album to discuss loss and the female archetypes associated with madness. It's a tough subject to deal with, but I feel that this album has a unique feminine and feminist touch. You can be given a hard, grungy metal track that's infused with soft, graceful lyrical and vocal melodies that rounds out the character of the themes on the album. 

“My Fear” opens the album with gusto. Keith McGraw's pounding and distorted electronic riffs paired with a tribal drum beat guide us into the energy of the tracks to come. “Earth itself,” chants the climactic finish to the opening. “Black Hole” takes it a little slower and emphasizes the droning electronic tones until it builds up and explodes with tension. The bass gets rattly and feels like a sludge metal song. 

One of my favorite selections from the album is “The Drooling Mouth,” and I knew from the name of the song that it was going to be a stand-out for me. It's got this weird wavy riff as it's hook. It's just haunting and memorable and thrilling when the beat of the drums thunder in-between the verses. 

Check out the tracklist below!

1. My Fear
2. Black Hole
3. Womb
4. The Drooling Mouth
5. Sacs of Teeth
6. Bereft Body
7. Light


Love gets a solid 8/10 from me.

You can buy the album from The Flenser, as well as follow the band on their social media, just be sure to check them out!

It's weird, it's experimental, it's haunting, it's thought-provoking. This album rocks and I can't wait to hear more from Muscle & Marrow!

Muscle & Marrow: Facebook // Bandcamp