Sonnder - Entanglement Review

  Photography: Alexandra Elisabetta

Photography: Alexandra Elisabetta

We recently featured Sonnder as one of our bands to follow!

So, you should already be following them, but If not, I'm just going to give you another reason as to why you should definitely be doing that.

Fronted by lead singer and songwriter, Ryan Weidman, the band also consists of keyboardist Kat Stein, bassist Steve Iannettoni, and drummer Mike Liszka! Entanglement was just released this year after Sonnder spent 2015 working on their "Singles Project," which allowed the band to release a new track each month! That project culminated into the full-length album, Entanglement, which was then accompanied by a couple of new tracks as well when completed! 

The 13-track album is a supremely impressive collection from Sonnder, and honestly, I can't stop listening to it. Entanglement blends genres of experimental indie and alt-rock that makes me stoked for music, for real. It's so hard to find some really quality indie these days, especially indie that's going that extra mile - pushing forward as other genres seem to be doing. Sonnder uses Entanglement to create the perfect space for experimentation, and the finished product is absolutely sublime.

Check out the tracklist below!

Entanglement Track-list:
1. New Direction
2. Along The Way (I've Been Alive)
3. Words To Say
4. Late October
5. About Time
6. Siren Calling
7. Pink
8. Silhouttes
9. Backwards Ambition
10. I Need (feat. Keely Sibilia)
11. Not Far Enough
12. Entanglement
13. Drifter (Bonus Track)

Typically, during these album reviews I go through the majority of the album explaining what songs I do and don't like. However, Entanglement is impossible to do that with when you sincerely love every song? I've never had this happen before. 

Of course, in comparison to previous Sonnder works, the new album is extremely focused. While each track sounds unique, it is clear that this album is one cohesive and collective work. This is a huge progression for Sonnder, and seems to be an exciting and interesting new path that they may be working toward and following!

Are you impressed yet?

I was also so stinkin' enthralled by some of the songs for their emotional tenacity whether that be in the lyrics, the vocals, or the band keeping it all together. The music sounds smart - it sounds put together, it feels passionate. Whether that be with Mike on drums, or Kat on keys - Steve on bass to round out each track.

"New Direction" is the actual perfect opening track to start Entanglement, as it drops the listener right into this magnificently webbed and intricate 13-track LP. "New Direction" is also (I'd say) the flint that strikes the stone for this album, the reason for being! Honesty, positivity, moving forward all ideals that the tracks on Entanglement grapple with or ask for. A literal new direction for Sonnder.

A few of my other favorite tracks include "Along The Way (I've Been Alive)," which has been doing really well on the radio (like whaaaat, how cool), as well as "Not Far Enough," "Words To Say," "Pink," and "Late October." However, one of the most interesting tracks is bonus track "Drifter." This track is really cool because it feels like the opening of a door.

"Drifter" is the most different from the other 12-tracks on the album, and it feels as though it's pulling inspiration from Entanglement, but also ready to move in it's own wayward direction. I an appreciate "Drifter" a ton because of it.

As I said above, what's truly superb about this album is that it's the result of the "Singles Project" that Sonnder had been running through in 2015. It's seamlessness in all aspects makes Entanglement a truly hard-hitting album for 2016. It's got all the stops, too.

In summation: Sonnder is rad and Entanglement is rad, and if our endless good reviews of them isn't enough - then check it out for yourself. We implore you.

Rating: 9.5/10

Per usual, check out their social media to tell them how rad they are or to keep up to date on what's going on with them! Links below!

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