Wylder - Rain And Laura Review

 Photography: ShaLeigh Comerford

Photography: ShaLeigh Comerford

Washington DC indie-pop/folk-rock band, Wylder, released their debut LP, Rain and Laura back in April! 

The ten track concept album was inspired after exploring events preceding a broken relationship-- a common experience many relate to. The group succeeded their attempt at expressing the mixed emotions of healing like confusion, self-doubt, passion, and depression. 

Rain and Laura brilliantly utilizes orchestral instruments to fill their songs, reminiscent of classical workings like Vivaldi's Four Seasons. The album’s cinematic edge provides the transitioning of both seasons and hearts, covering everything from melancholic feelings to bursts of joy.


Here’s the tracklist:
1. “Living Room”
2. “Swells”
3. “Bayhouse”
4. “Snake in the Grass”
5. “Strange Weather”
6. “Bitter”
7. “Sunstroke”
8. “Lantern”
9. “At the End, Pt.1”
10. “At the End, Pt.2”

“Living Room” opens the album with a four on the floor bass drum, which is complemented by lively strings and a vocal melody that lures the ear. Underneath, acoustic guitar picking and lush keys fills the groove. The catchy opener sets an energetic tone for the rest of the album. Though there were ten to choose from, the song I liked the most was “Snake in the Grass.” Beyond the haunting melody, it has contrasting dynamics. The tune is introduced spaciously with singing and acoustic guitar but, in the chorus and the bridge, it explodes with layers of texture. The aural journey of the piece is dictated by lyrics and depth, an anthem beautifully orchestrated to mend the broken-hearted. 

My favorite aspects of this record are in it’s textures, classically orchestrated with a variety of timbres -- augmenting the triumph, strength, or gloom in every song. Pair that with catchy upbeat rhythms and thought provoking lyrics and you’ll sum up Rain and Laura, an infectious album that keeps fans smiling, swaying, and dancing on all ten tracks. 

Rating: 7/10

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