Curtis Cooper - Laughing In Line Review

 Photography: Lina Xinos

Photography: Lina Xinos

Stemming from Philadelphia, PA - we've previously covered Curtis Cooper in a local feature article a few weeks ago!

Here at The Hook, though, we were excited to also have the opportunity to take a look at Laughing In Line, Curtis Cooper's first full-length album. As we talked about before, Curtis took some old songs he had written (after wondering why he had never wanted to focus on making music he really felt for) and hit up some contacts to help him create his album including Scott Stitzer (drums, production), Jack Zaferes (Bass), Morgane Fouse (Ganou) (vocals on two tracks), and Nick Barnes (engineering). 

With the help from his fellow artists, Curtis Cooper was able to get Laughing In Line completed for release back in January!

The debut album includes 9 tracks, all written and created by Curtis - of course with the help of his collection of artistic minds also. Laughing In Line was the beginning of shows for Cooper - it garnered attraction, and he expressed to me in an interview, "I was able to play my songs, and I really just started doing this way more recently than I should have."

 Artwork: Abi Reimold

Artwork: Abi Reimold

Laughing In Line Tracklist:
1. 4 Minutes
2. Today L.A.
3. Happy And Sane (feat. Ganou)
4. Side
5. The Effect
6. Arrest
7. Tonight Is For Me
8. Trouble Again
9. White Lies

There is indefinite agreement with that statement. Laughing In Line is a fantastic collection of sincere and cathartic tracks, which create and utilize sound to create an emotional experience with the listener. This works well, I believe, because the instrumental basis of Cooper's music is generally more upbeat and quickly paced, it is also deceiving in using it's ability to hide the fragility and sincerity of lyrical and vocal emotional movements.

While I love the entirety and complexity of this debut album, a few of the tracks really stuck out to me. My personal favorite is most definitely "Trouble Again," because the lyrics are so smooth and subtle. Curtis' vocal work so effortlessly shapes the motion of the track. 

Some other favorites (if I had to pick, I don't want to) are "Arrest," for it's super stellar guitar work and vocal execution. "Today L.A." because of lyrics like, "How long has it been since I've destroyed my new comfort zone," and lastly, "White Lies," for the super funky and ethereal atmosphere, (maybe due to drug reference, maybe instrumentals, maybe Curtis' voice,) but I loved everything so much on this album.

I couldn't urge you anymore than I am right now to get this album. We have it streaming in our Featured Album section, you can buy it on bandcamp and iTunes, as well as stream it on soundcloud. You should be doing all of the above. At once. Probably.

Rating: 9/10

For more on super awesome musician and all-around cool dude, you can check out Curtis Cooper's links below! 

Also, this Friday (May 13th) at Bourbon & Branch in Philadelphia, Curtis will be playing at JUMP Presents: Queen Of Jeans Residency (Sponsored by Art In The Age)! The show is 21+ - however, sure to be real rad!

You can check out the lineup below!
9:00pm - Curtis Cooper
9:45pm - Ceramic Animal
10:30pm - Queen Of Jeans

We'll have an interview up with Curtis in a few weeks, and you should check back for that, too. It's got a lot of potatoes and a lot of feminism.

Curtis Cooper: Facebook // Bandcamp // Soundcloud