Greaver - The Faun Review


There is a fine line between trend and art. With the advent of D.I.Y. digital distribution,it became much easier for musicians to reach out to fans and sell their music without the help of a record label. While this was a godsend to the misunderstood artist, it also gave way to a dilution of artistry. Anyone having the ability to release music does not necessarily mean all who do, should. In my endless search for new music, I seldom come across musicians I would describe as true innovators. Especially in more emotive genres such as Post-Hardcore. 

While they’re not exactly innovators, Greaver have put out a solid record that fans of Post-Hardcore and Emo acts like Thursday, Pianos Become the Teeth, and Envy will surely find some enjoyment in. The riffs are plentiful throughout the record, discordant and looming overhead instead of hitting you directly. Vocalists/Guitarists Michael Rozier and Michael Townsel blend together really well at the front end of the mix. A lot of the vocals are either duets or traded off throughout the record, creating an interesting and haunting dynamic. Tracks like “Southfield” and “Earth Rune” showcase the uniqueness this sort of vocal arrangement can bring. 

The production on this record really helps with the impact a lot of these tracks can have on the listener. The mix by Al Jacob, who previously worked with bands like He Is Legend, is visceral enough to capture the raw emotion of each song and really take the listener down into this hole that a lot of these songs are sitting in that’s certainly more unsettling than a lot of their peers. Although the production helps most of these songs stay memorable and fresh, a few such as “Last Breath” and “Third Eye” fall pretty flat compared to the rest. The instrumentals on them are both great, however the “voicemail” delivery of the spoken narrative on each of these tracks sound too forced to really draw you in. It’s obvious that these were written and not captured from reality. 

Overall, this is a solid record from an up & coming band. Definitely check them out if you are into any of the bands mentioned above.

I’m curious to see what this band will do next, and after hearing this, I’m sure you will be too.

Rating: 7/10

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