Semiotics - For How Review

 Photography: Jersey Boy Photo

Photography: Jersey Boy Photo

Semiotics has become one of The Hook's most recent featured local bands - from New Brunswick, NJ the DIY group is constantly busy and on the move, taking self-made to levels of extraordinary.

Because we love Semiotics so much, we visited and listened to their most recent EP! For How was released on Halloween in 2015, and it sports six tracks to create Semiotics’ most focused, accomplished, and emotional work to date. 

In comparison to their 2014 debut EP, Simple Requests, For How has taken Semiotics and their mission to a whole new level. I would most definitely say that For How takes what listeners loved about Simple Requests and transforms them into a more mature, better paced and collected moment of sound.

For How is propelled by the dual vocals of Seth Blissenbach and Nick Rapon. I was most impressed by the maturity of not only the lyrical content, but also the range and progressing alt-rock sound that comes through on each track. Not to mention how powerful and cathartic the instrumentals are. From guitar (Nick and Seth, still) to the consistent bass rhythm (Kyle “KyBoi”  O’Connor), and the authoritative and capable drums (Kenny Kabigting) – each track is an exemplary piece of Semiotics’ hard work.

In comparison to the quietude of Simple Requests, For How uses each track like an emotional punching bag in instrumental technique. 

While the tracks on For How are all drastically different, it is easy to feel their focus and drive. They support one another without relying on one another. My favorite track off of the EP is most definitely “Cheers Me Proper,” which the band recently put out a music video for. This track speaks for me in ways that encompass what the rest of the EP is also talking about.

Self-Discrepancy, apathy, loving someone, being alone – and maybe I am empathetic with these ideals because I share them, because it seems that most of us feel that way. Maybe what I love about Semiotics and For How is that in these joyous instrumentals and up-front, honest lyrics I am resonating. I am reverbing in the moment with each beat, each momentum – the EP is the tide I’ve been wanting to be swept away in. 

Check out the track-list below!

Track List:
1. Diy Death Machine
2. Sorry, Bruh
3. Cheers Me Proper
4. M. Connolly
5. Violent In Your Sleep
6. I've Known You Since I Was A Kid

Needless to say, sometimes you find music that you need to find – and For How is the music I needed to find. Semiotics the band I wanted to be into, can continue to be into.

On that note, I will leave you with this line from "Cheers Me Proper," my hopes and fulfillment from this EP - from (and for) Semiotics, “I’m not half the person I plan to become, and I’ll never stop holding my arms up for better.”

Rating: 9/10

The album is available for purchase on Bandcamp and iTunes!

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