Dreamer & Son - Written Off, Moving On Review

On April 2nd, ambient rockers, Dreamers & Son released their brand new EP!

Written Off, Moving On is a short but substantial release to add to their up and coming discography!

Perfect for the springtime season of new music. The album has a lot of diversity in its sound and should appeal to a few different tastes in modern-day pop/rock. The album starts with a brief instrumental introduction on "Tension" before moving into a power-pop song, "Hello Vancouver,” and seems to be fitting well with the groups desire to “break down genre barriers and build a diverse family; a community based on love and acceptance.”

Written Off, Moving On really hits a high mark with "Sweep.” The lyrics are intimate and emotional, while the hook is most memorable. The sound on this song hits a sweet spot for me and the blistering guitar fill solo at the end is a ton of fun, which brings a lot of energy to the track.

"Everyone Loves the Violins" is another standout track; raw emotion rings out through the lyrics and vocal performance. "Everyone knows I've not slept for days; wonderful things come in horrible ways,” is such a great line.

The album then closes with "Not One Dry Eye" with a catchy hook and melodramatic flair that captures the spirit of the EP in one song.

Check out the track listing below!

Written Off, Moving On:
1. Tension
2. Hello Vancouver
3. Sweep
4. Everyone Loves The Violins
5. Not One Dry Eye

Overall, the EP works to spread out the musicality of ambient rock. There's most likely something here for everybody who is interested. It doesn't fill a niche genre taste because it doesn't really need to. It's a straightforward rock EP and I'd recommend giving it a listen!

Rating: 7/10

Check out the EP (available on iTunes) and follow Dreamers & Son on social media!

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