Ghosts Again - The Closest Thing To Closure Review

On The Closest Thing to Closure, Alex Cortright, Brandon Washington, and Arun Bose strike gold. Hailing from North Carolina, these boys came together from the remnants of other projects to put out a refreshing brand of dynamic post-hardcore that harks back to the mid-2000’s, when bands like Underoath and A Skylit Drive dominated the scene. 

Listeners will be especially able to hear elements of the former, as Ghosts Again has a similar musical sensibility, playing music that offers enough technical structure to keep constant interest but not so much that it is unapproachable to the casual listener. They go from jamming a pulsing riff that feels similar to Bring Me The Horizon’s “This Sadness Will Never End” thirty seconds into the album’s first song “Skeleton Boy” to getting down and dirty in some face-kicking heaviness sprinkled on top of a steady, lively, anthemic blitz on “Les Enfants Terribles”.

Check out the track-list below!

The Closest Thing To Closure Tracklist:
1. Skeleton Boy
2. Pant's Division (The End Is Silence)
3. Les Enfants Terribles
4. Relive_Revive
5. Eleven

It’s almost hard to believe that these guys are a three-piece, considering how many layers their music offers. Each component is essential. Alex Cortright plays guitar with aplomb whilst simultaneously jumping between gloriously gritty cleans and powerful, vicious screams that are delivered to expertly punctuate lines with urgent edginess. Brandon Washington’s bass performance is the glue that holds every track together, maintaining a satisfying fullness to the album. Finally, resident stickman Arun Bose brings amazing attitude to the table, weaving intensity into each song with each swing of his sticks and giving the whole album a concise sense of motion. 

All in all, The Closest Thing to Closure is an applause-worthy debut for a band with a love for their craft. The EP will be available for purchase on April 22nd. If this first release is any indication, there will be more infectious, in-your-face intensity from these NC gents in the future.

Rating: 8/10

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