Hiding Out - Vena Cava Review

Today, listeners received some really great music - and it definitely wasn't part of a joke.

Hiding Out released their debut EP today! Vena Cava is the band's first EP, and follows months of hard work and rehearsal to achieve a sincerely illustrative and beautiful collection of tracks to introduce themselves as a group you should definitely be watching!

The album is a collective of four tracks - each ambient and chill. Reminiscent of the beach and nighttime. The band released "Light Me Up" as their single off of the EP back in January to good reviews! They also created a music video for the piece upon its release, which allowed for an amping up of Vena Cava's arrival!

The EP definitely does not disappoint. Each track has it's own mood to contribute to the listener. The title track, "Vena Cava," is a two and a half minute long instrumental track, which comes immediately after the electric "Light Me Up." Meanwhile, "Dry Heat," and "Ghosts In The Backseat," feel much more passionate and quiet - like secrets shared between people underneath covers and warm.

 Photo Credit: Emily Tantuccio

Photo Credit: Emily Tantuccio

Check out the track-listing below, as well as the video for "Light Me Up."

Track listing:
1. Dry Heat
2. Light Me Up
3. Vena Cava
4. Ghosts In The Backseat

Not only is the album stellar, The Hook also had the opportunity to check out Hiding Out and some other fantastic NJ locals at one of their first shows as a band in NYC at The Bitter End! You can check out our show review of that tomorrow!

Needless to say, Vena Cava is an impressive debut EP. My favorite track is definitely still "Light Me Up," with "Ghost In The Backseat," as a close second. These two tracks ring out to me because of the lyrical content - which feels most important to Hiding Out's mission as artists on this EP. These tracks speak in stories - with instrumentals and vocal precisions to back up the lyricism created.

Go and buy this album, available on iTunes. Check out their social media - tell them you like their stuff, and gear up for summer with this heat infused debut EP.

Rating: 9/10

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