Rare Futures - This Is Your Brain On Love Review

Matt Fazzi has proven himself as an experienced, weathered and prime-time artist in his most recent project. After time spent with Taking Back Sunday and Atlas Genius, Fazzi has given us a supreme indie rock experimental suit that listeners should be definite in following. 

Rare Futures is Fazzi's side project turned full-fledged goal (and you can check the box mark achieved), and the band just released their debut album This Is Your Brain On Love. The album took a total of five years to create - and here at The Hook we're happy it's finally arrived.

"When I originally set out to make this record, I didn't expect it would take quite so long but life happened and the plan unintentionally morphed and changed several times along the way," explains Fazzi. "My intention is for This Is Your Brain On Love to be a reminder that we are responsible for writing the story of our own futures and creating our own happiness and there's no time like the present to go out and seek it."

The 13 track album is an exquisite and sublime beginning to Rare Futures' adventure as a band - and Matt Fazzi's journey as an artist with a band to maintain. Each track is devoted to Fazzi's above message - enjoy yourself, love life, find purpose and meaning in all that you do!

You can immediately hear in these tracks that the group enjoyed themselves making this album - while Fazzi doesn't have any strictly permanent members yet, he invited different musicians to work on different songs with him - which adds a unique flavor to the songs. Each one sounds different than the one before and after, but you can tell that they all belong on the same album.

This is aided by the fact that Fazzi composed all of the pieces - which gives them this eclectic ideal and theme to stand on, while also allowing for the instrumentals to vary and pace differently (but always smooth.) It also gives this debut album a ton of character that expresses itself more emotionally than some other albums I've listened to from this year!

We can definitely appreciate unique expression here!

Check out this tracklist:
1. Love
2. Reminding Me To Live
3. Ride The Snake
4. Mercury (And Opposite Planets)
5. The Pressure
6. Cool My Mind | Reverie
7. Worst Thing I've Ever Done
8. This Is Your Future [Lost In A Black Hole]
9. Your Past
10. Hope [Feat. Gavin Castleton]
11. You're An Island
12. Standing On The Precipice
13. Not Giving Up Yet

Some of our favorite tracks on The Hook are "Cool My Mind | Reverie," because of it's gentle guitar riff, carried by drum beat and absolutely chill vocal and lyrical work. We also really loved "You're An Island," for similar reasons, but also the exploration of a more electronic synth based sound. This album reminds me a lot of driving in the car over this bridge that overlooks the bay in my hometown - windows open, warm air and sunlight catching the ripples in salt water.

We have the full stream available for you here, so there aren't any excuses about listening to This Is Your Brain On Love!

We're giving This Is Your Brain On Love a giant thumbs up for emotional expression, variety, and overall good vibes - which means you should be checking this album out because it came out on March 25th and is available basically everywhere.

Rating: 8/10

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