Me Like Bees - There Will Be Time Review

Tomorrow, Me Like Bees will be releasing their most recent EP, There Will Be Time!

The Missouri natives introduce There Will Be Time after much success of their debut album, The Ides, in 2013. The group is composed of Luke Sheafer (Guitarist, Vocalist), Peter Burton (Guitarist), Tim Cote (Backup Vocalist, Drummer), and Nick Bynum (Backup Vocalist, Bassist) - and has definitely be working hard to ensure that EP There Will Be Time is something really special for fans and listeners.

Reminiscent of The White Stripes and Modest Mouse in their two previous LP and EP releases, Me Like Bees is using There Will Be Time to revitalize their sound. The 4 track collection is an effort of not only uniqueness but familiarity. While Me Like Bees is exploring new sounds, they are also relying on successful vocal, instrumental, and lyrical work found in The Ides.

1. Changes
2. Tundraland
3. There Will Be Time
4. Hymns And Blues

I found that I really enjoyed There Will Be Time because what impresses me most about Me Like Bees current discography is that their albums are able to follow a single idea or thread, while all of the tracks remain drastically different. This definitely remains true for this EP.

With tracks like "Tundraland," featuring a guitar riff reminiscent of emo/punk scoring - in comparison to "Changes," and "Hymns And Blues," which both follow their (the bands) Alternative/rock Modest Mouse sound-likeness, and reminds me most of popular tracks from The Ides. While title track "There Will Be Time," quickly entered into my ever going list of current favorite tracks of the year! The range that lead singer Luke Sheafer exudes entices the listener for an experience of emotional altitudes - and the instrumentals do nothing but perfect the song into something I can't stop listening to. (Seriously, help.)

Me Like Bees uses their maturity as musicians to create asymmetrical music, abruption from bouncy and fun to light and quiet - each song a contemplation of delicate, intricate moments that include tender lyrics, expressive instrumentals, and tempting moods.

There Will Be Time is a gift to fans, and a really great showcase to new listeners of Me Like Bees diversity as artists. You should definitely download this EP as soon as possible - and then we can talk about it.

These guys are rad - and they've strengthened my love for them with this short, sweet and to the point collective.

Rating: 9/10

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