Weatherhead - Cleaner Blood Review

 Photography Credit: Rosie Becker

Photography Credit: Rosie Becker

Weatherhead sure has something to celebrate! Their second EP, Cleaner Blood came out today after much anticipation from fans (and The Hook, too)!

The Philadelphia natives presented Cleaner Blood, a five track EP that shows off their maturing sound, heartfelt lyrics, and all encompassing instrumentals. 

1. Cleaner Blood
2. I Can't Hear You Anymore
3. Bad Circulation
4. Branches For Legs
5. Contact

In comparison to their self-titled EP, which was released in 2014, Cleaner Blood is a really great testament to how a band grows and progresses. With a year and a half between the two EPs, and a ton of touring under Weatherhead's belt, it's no wonder that their sound has matured and really begun to explore the different ideals that their preferred genres encompass.

This new EP feels stronger in instrumental and vocal prowess, and because of this the lyrics are that much more heavy hitting. Another thing I can really appreciate about Cleaner Blood is that each track is different from the last. Each experience evoking a different emotion, a different mood, a different moment to listen.

For me, my favorite track would definitely be "Contact." The song begins as a quiet melody with piano, and expands over the course of the song to introduce a fantastic bass and guitar, which work in tandem to highlight the vocals - which also experience this melodic growth into a heavy hitting chorus. This allows "Contact," a supreme emotional upswing that generates a really fantastic emotional movement in the listener - and if you needed to know, my second favorite is "Branches For Legs," because the lyrics are superb.

 Photography Credit: Rosie Becker

Photography Credit: Rosie Becker

Of course, all of the songs on this EP were super stellar, and I was extremely impressed. So impressed that I was itching to know what inspired these 5 tracks, so I asked Evan King (vocals, guitar, lyricist) what inspired these songs for him. He shared, "My first year in college was a really hard year, and a very confusing year. Throughout the year, I learned a lot about myself due to feeling so alone. The record is, in a sense, a summary of what I, along with the rest of the guys, learned in that year."

The indie rock/piano emo band, Weatherhead, earns their rating from us for Cleaner Blood, not only for hardwork and growth, but for the emotional gentleness, instrumental intricacy, and sentimental lyricism.

Rating: 9/10

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