The Life Electric - The Real You Review

Coming straight out of Indie/Alternative rock heaven is The Life Electric's second full-length album - and their newest work since 2013 (and it's definitely an album you're going to get hyped on.)

The Real You is the production of Boston bred quintet, and an exciting, mature sound to add to their discography. With formation in 2012, the band previously released two works, an LP and an EP, consecutively - The Life Electric in 2012 and Calico in 2013. Which makes The Real You an exciting piece of work, awaited with much anticipation.

For a recap (if you didn't know, or already do) the band is comprised of Joey Chehade (vocals), Ben Leang (guitar), Cory Bean (bass), and Joel Silloway (drums) - and are reminiscent of sounds like U2, and vocals similar to the emotional movements of The Killers!

However, I'd have to say these guys have really struck some gold in The Real You. The new LP is a collection of 11 unique tracks. What I can say is this: The Life Electric is using the skill, technique, and well-done ideas they produced in previous work, but better!

1. Gone Gone Gone
2. Call It Karma
3. The Real You
4. Ladders
5. Heartbeat
6. Everest
7. Innocence
8. Spark
9. Thinking Cup
10. Perfect Soul
11. A Ghost

I really enjoyed that each song was exploring different sound variations, as well as how different instruments worked with vocals. I also sincerely appreciated and enjoyed (so much) how focused this album felt in content. The Real You listening experience seemed like I was listening to a story - comprised of moments one experiences when being in love with someone, when leaving someone, when wanting someone.

However, if we want to pick favorites, my absolute most favorite track from this album is "Ladders," because of that smooth, almost jazzy intro. The Life Electric knows how to set moods, and I fell into each song like experiencing a different season - happily, of course. Also, if you can (which you should) definitely check out title track, "The Real You," because you're in for a treat - a real anthemic, captivating track that is utilizing what sounds like a more electronic synth-y sound!

I would say that this album faces a more alt-rock feel than previous works, which is ok. I'm excited by it, you should be excited by it, and I'm pretty sure The Life Electric is excited about it. As I said earlier, it's important for the continuous growth of music, and that is happening definitely with this long awaited album.

My advice: check out The Real You, especially if you're looking for some quality new alt-rock (because we've been deprived), but also if you just want to hear some great new tunes.

(Also, check out "Innocence," I'm sorry, I'm still listening because it's great)

Rating: 8/10

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