Mosey Jones - Certainty Review

Mosey Jones, the punk/indie trio based out of Brooklyn, NY has mastered the art of capturing the essence of your favorite emo bands from the late 90’s and early 2000’s and making you fall in love with the genre all over again.

Their latest full length album, Certainty, is by far their strongest outing to date in terms of both musicality and production, but it’s not without its drawbacks. The band completely nails that DIY, garage sound (probably because it was recorded in their basement), but also brings all of the raw, unrefined noise that comes along with it. I liken this album much to an out of tune piano: the overwhelming charm, authenticity, and unique character that stem from its flaws completely overshadow the record’s many mistakes. 

Mosey Jones is comprised of guitarist/lead vocalist Eamon, bassist Peter, and drummer Caitlin. All 3 are competent musicians, and they all help out on vocals every now and then, creating some interesting harmonies. But, it’s really Eamon’s guitar riffs and signature emo vocals that drive Mosey Josey’s sound. Certainty, which was released in early November of this year, is the perfect encapsulation of everything the band wanted to say since their debut LP back in 2012, but never felt quite ready. 

“This album features ten tracks that chronicle events in my (Eamon) life and the lives of people I know over the past six years. I mark this album as the closing of a lot of struggles that I and my friends have felt. We look forward to the years to come.”

Check out the tracklist below!

Certainty Track List:
1.    Rocky Balboa Constrictor
2.    It’s Senior Year, Guys
3.    Until Death
4.    Unbroken/Alone
5.    Movies
6.    Summit
7.    Untitled
8.    You’re Funny
9.    What’s Better Than This
10.    This Year it Will Be Different
11.    The Last of Us


Much like your favorite emo songs of the past, Certainty is ripe with teen angst, solid, beats and interesting melodies (without running the gambit of too much complexity), and of course, just ever so slightly off key vocals brimming with feeling and intensity. It truly is a treat to listen to, and Mosey Jones pays homage to their inspirations in such a delightful way. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick minute and a half upbeat relatable track such as “You’re Funny” or are in the mood for a more serious song such as “This Year Will Be Different,” Certainty covers these bases and then some. Stand out tracks on the record are “It’s Senior Year, Guys,” “Movies,” “The Last of Us,” and “Rocky Balboa Constrictor.” These tracks in my opinion perfectly capture what Mosey Jones and Certainty is all about; trying to catch lightning in a bottle in the form of raw and meaningful expression.

The flaws from this album do not stem so much from the music itself rather than what little production went into the actual record. Certainty is not mastered so there is quite a bit of volume disparity between songs, and while nothing sounds bad, nothing sounds particularly good either. There are evident tempo issues and the entire record sounds somewhat hollow as well with the bottom end being fairly bland. While the songs themselves are actually very well written and have some incredibly interesting ideas in them, it’s hard to fully appreciate them for what they are trying to be when a majority of them just don’t sound that good. 

Certainty is an excellently composed album that nails what it is trying to accomplish. Mosey Jones is bringing back a sound that I haven’t heard much of in modern music and it’s an exciting thing to listen to.  Unfortunately although this type of music thrives on rawness and authenticity, Certainty could use a little more polish in all the right ways to truly stick out and have its intoxicating charm recognized for what it truly is.

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