Backroom Dreamers - Future Ghosts Review

 Photography:     Hoey Images

Photography:  Hoey Images

As I catch up on my album reviews from 2016, Backroom Dreamers has got to be one of the bands I'm most excited about entering 2017!

The Philadelphia grown indie-alt rock, electronic four piece is one of the most well put together, and distinct sounding groups that I've had the pleasure of reviewing most recently! Their sound is not only professional in production, but also unique and exciting in a genre that can, at times, be overplayed and exhausting.

Future Ghosts is the most recent LP from Backroom Dreamers, and I've had this album on repeat for the past few weeks. Noah Scheffey (Vocals/Piano/Guitar), Chris Monaco (Vocals/Guitar), Tarun Kanakamedala (Bass), and Zeth Marra (Drums) create the collective that is Backroom Dreamers - and thanks to these members, Future Ghosts was able to come alive!

Check out the tracklist below!


1. Villains
2. Detox / Retox
3. The Dreamer's Lullabye
4. Sleep
5. Time to Shine
6. Adrenaline
7. Preach It
8. Cloaks
9. Islands
10. Minds of the Desperate
11. Future Ghosts
12. Echo Memories
13. To All the Things That Didn't Last

The album is 13-tracks of haunting vocals, due in part to Noah Scheffey's performance, plus the added following of instrumental performance in the back - the subtle guitar riff, or the chiming of piano allows each track to be unique, but familiar for an intelligent consistency for listeners.

Some of the stand out tracks while I listened was opening track "Villains." The opener of an album is an important decision for any band to make on their album/ep - and I feel like Backroom Dreamers chose wisely. "Villains" is an upbeat, fun opening track that highlights the important concepts that follow through further on in the album - things that seem important to Backroom Dreamers like their vocal impact, and their guitar follow through, as well as the hard hitting of the bass and drums. You can see more of this technique in tracks like "Detox/Retox," "Islands," and "Future Ghosts."

The album does split in some cases, where some of the tracks (afore mentioned) are much more upbeat, other tracks are much more reserved, ethereal, dreamy, and sad even. My favorite track off of Future Ghosts is included in this category of "sad songs."

"Sleep" has the same impact as a song like "Villains" but it's approach is much more indifferent and laid back. In some cases, tracks like "Sleep" or "To All The Things That Didn't Last," and "The Dreamer's Lullaby," are often reliant on the piano which creates a softness that other tracks don't always embody in their peppy, up-beat attitude lyrically.

Backroom Dreamers offer listeners a nice 13-track album in Future Ghosts. It makes me, as a listener, feel good inside. Most of the tracks follow their genre in being supportive, more indie inspired moments and feelings. I really enjoyed the use of the piano in some tracks - giving them a unique, expressive mood. 

Overall, Future Ghosts is a fantastic, easy listening album. While I hope in the future the band takes more risks lyrically and vocally, I am excited by this album for the scene it takes place in! It's hard to come across good stuff like this, and you're silly if you aren't already listening!

For more on Backroom Dreamers, check out their social media below!

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