Elephant Jake - We're Movies Review

Orange County, NY has spawned indie-rockers, Elephant Jake! While we've had their debut EP in our back pocket for a while, we admit it's because it's really good and we had to find the perfect words to describe just the way it made us feel!

Elephant Jake was formed in 2014, during Sal and Colin's junior year of high school. Although Colin and Sal live an hour apart, they traveled as often as they could to write songs together, finalizing Elephant Jake's debut EP, We're Movies, by sending voice memos to each other's iPhone! Colin's friend from high school, Reinier Potgieter began drumming for the band, and recorded the debut.

In 2015, Elephant Jake released a single, "Stop Tryin'" on All We Got! Records on a compilation album for cancer research. On positive terms, Reinier left the band; however, he makes vocal appearances on the upcoming LP. Soon after, Andrew Demarest began to fill in at shows, and became a permanent member, since the chemistry was just "too ideal to pass along." In June of 2016, Elephant Jake set out on their first tour with Furnace Creek. Three days after Colin and Sal graduated high school, they set off to Michigan, Virginia, Washington D.C., Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Andrew was entering his senior year of high school.

After this tour, the band realized that a bass player was needed for live shows. Kyle Mabee, childhood best friend of Colin, who had been coming to every Elephant Jake show since their birth, seemed the perfect fit. In October 2016, Elephant Jake set out to Drexel University in Philadelphia to record twelve songs for an LP. While waiting for the LP to be mixed and mastered, they are planning on touring a lot more!

And for now, we've got We're Movies, a 7-track EP that perfectly sums up so many different cataclysms of emotions and sounds in a way that feels familiar, but refreshing. You can check out the tracklist below!

We're Movies Tracklist: 
1. Feelings About Feelings
2. Hindsight
3. Kickin' Rocks
4. Perspectives
5. Long Conversations
6. You'd Know Better Than I Would (Six Four)
7. Good Luck (The Closer)

What's fantastic about Elephant Jake is that they take two of the things I like about indie and punk music - indie being the instrumentals, and punk being the brash vocal style, and We're Movies effortlessly features both in a way that encapsulates that emotional desperation that both genres are often picking at - like scabbed over wounds.

Opening track "Feelings About Feelings" is a bright, instrumentally fast paced track that gets your head moving - Elephant Jake is good about making you feel included in their loneliness, and we're so into it. The EP moves into second track "Hindsight," with lyrics like "the empty space you left behind has left me room to clear my mind," and a contradiction of missing and loving someone - that stylized by the voices of Sal and Colin which switch between more indie-esque softness, and brash punk style.

Third track "Kickin' Rocks," sounds similar to previous tracks, but allows for a smooth transition for the EP. "Perspectives" rings in as track four, and is the most indie sounding of all the tracks - the guitar that paces along with the vocal performance is, quite literally, my most favorite thing about this song. Not to mention that break down around 2:15.

"Long Conversations," "You'd Know Better Than I Would (Six Four)," and "Good Luck (The Closer)" wrap up We're Movies in the same way it began - solidly. Due care taken for each track to upkeep the pathos of the album. Alternating between two iconic sounds, two voices to outline the importance of cathartic, heartfelt emotion. This EP is one of the best we've experienced in the current indie scene - and it makes us excited for the future with Elephant Jake!

Definitely check out this album and acquaint yourself with what's sure to be an up and coming sound. This group deserves good things - and we're here for every single one (maybe even the bad ones too, if that's possible.) We've got their social media down below for you to check out in the meantime, and until then - keep listening.

Elephant Jake: Facebook // Bandcamp