steve. - Boo-Shemi Review

New Brunswick, NJ back at it again with the music talent - and we've always just been along for the ride. Peep trio, steve. - bringing us right back to our basement roots, and let's be real, we're happy to be there.

steve. is comprised of members Eric (ex. Bird Hotel and Semiotics)on bass & vox, Zach (also in The Great Depression) on drums & vox, and Kyle (Wisteria, Semiotics) on guitar & vox. The band's been around for a little over a year, and back in November they released their debut EP, Boo-shemi. The 6-track EP was produced by Kyle O'Connor and Nicholas Rapon, engineered by John Naeder and Ben Luckman, and mastered by Rachel Lightner. All songs written and performed by steve., and ddditional vocals included Nicholas Rapon, Seth Blissenbach, and Ally Rose!

And, if you're asking us (which, you are, right?) that's a bunch of names that sound like they're going to make a really stellar EP. Spoiler alert: they did. Check out the tracklist below so you can follow along!

 Artwork: Vanessa Lasky

Artwork: Vanessa Lasky

Boo-Shemi Tracklist:
1. TF Happened to that Miguel Song?
2. SEGA Memecast
3. Soft Serve
4. Heart Attack on Titan
5. Purp Durp
6. Foney Hawk

Boo-Shemi's tracks are on the shorter side - but they fit with their up-beat, whimsical stylized lyricism and vocal upkeep. 

The EP begins with "TF Happened to that Miguel Song," which sets the tone for the rest of the EP in certain ways. One of which being that upbeat instrumental sound we were talking about, and the other about stylizing the vocals - reminiscent of our favorite DIY groups - the opening voice, "Sitting in my room alone / while you're out with all my friends / telling them how much you hate me / and how much you'll never miss me."  A theme that follows through the rest of the album with tracks like "Soft Serve," and "Foney Hawk."

Our favorite track, though, is definitely "Purp Durp," because of a few things. One of which being it's differentiation in sound then the previous or following tracks, and also the lyricism on this one is absolute perfection poetically. You should check out the bandcamp stream of it below, so you can hear what we're talking about too!

Overall, we're really digging this EP. It's quirky, fun, and fast paced - a nice teaser for maybe what can be expected from steve. in the new year! Either way, we're down for it - and we're down for all the great music coming out of NJ as of late, so thanks steve.

Definitely do check out Boo-Shemi, all six tracks are unique, personal and fun little compilations to croon over that girl you used to be into, or the self-depricating moments of early adulthood. Either way, check out steve.'s bandcamp and links down below for more!

steve.: Facebook // Bandcamp // Instagram // Twitter