Megosh - Apostasy Review

Megosh, the high energy rock outfit from Baltimore, break new ground and expertly mix genres in their new album, Apostasy, which is due out December 16th.  Combining the best ideas from post-progressive, alternative metal, and even melodic pop music, their sound on this record can only be described as “a surprisingly cohesive stew” that makes you want to rock out and dance at the same time. The incredibly ambitious 14-track LP is as energetic and dynamic as it is vulnerable and impactful with each track offering a unique experience. The fact that this is the band’s first full-length effort makes it all the more impressive and has me even more excited about their future.

The record opens up with the track “Checkerboards & Cigarettes,” which immediately had me hooked from the very first guitar riff. An extremely heavy intro had me thinking the rest of the album was going to follow suit, but I could not have been more wrong. Just as I found myself really getting into the breakdown, the track suddenly and effortlessly shifts to their more progressive and pop sounds highlighted by lead singer’s Josh Grosscup’s dastardly, yet angelic vocals. This set the tone for the rest of the album and never let any track overstay its welcome. Constantly keeping me on my toes and never letting me get too comfortable with any one style of their music made me appreciate each distinct part of every song, and the band’s musicality especially, that much more.  

A very large part of what helps Megosh make a sound that is all their own are the 3 part harmonies that appear  in their songs with the help of other members Brian “Finch” Flores and David “Derv” Polimene who are incredibly talented singers all their own. These harmonies help drive home the vivid and sometimes haunting lyrics that pervade each song. The best example of this on the album is the incredibly intimate track, “Buffalo!” which paints an awesomely tragic story in the listeners mind. Choosing other standout tracks is a near impossible task for the simple fact that depending on what kind of mood you may find yourself in, you can easily fall in love with a different song each time you listen to this album since it is so versatile. 

Apostasy track listing:
1)    Checkerboards & Cigarettes
2)    I Stole From the Dead
3)    Carrying Fire
4)    Desperada
5)    Waste of Me
6)    Buffalo!
7)    Jackson Pollock’s Portrait of Kennedy
8)    Okay, So this Song is About You
9)    Ask Your Mother
10)    These go to Eleven
11)    Monsters
12)    Ice Melts
13)    Leg Warmers
14)    War Drums

My biggest criticism with Apostasy as a whole is that some of the tracks contain multiple parts that feel very disjointed from one another; this is especially true for the final track “War Drums.” These disjointed parts are often conveyed by moments of silence where 2 different styles of music attempt to come together. Many times this works very well for Megosh, but a few glaringly obvious times makes it feel as if separate ideas were just mashed together to make a song that meets that 3-4 minute mark. 

Apostasy is a fantastic collection of masterfully crafted songs that blends different genres together in ways that are completely unique to Megosh. Sometimes this blending of ideas can leave a weird impression in the listeners mind, but more often times than not it works really well and keeps you engaged and interested. For these reasons, I feel that Apostasy very well deserves and 8.7/10. It’s an incredible piece of art that will appeal to fans of many different kinds of music, but occasionally stumbles over its own ambition from time to time. 

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