Deadfellow - Love Songs for the Contemporary Listener Review

We've been pretty hype on Deadfellow since we did some press work for them back in October in preparation! In preparation for what, you may ask - well the absolutely brand new release of Deadfellow's EP, happening today! A joyous day indeed.

Love Songs for the Contemporary Listener can be summed up as our ideal culmination for a December EP release. The slow, sweeping EP capitalizes on some really important, and well placed emotional moments - as well as Deadfellow's low, slow moving voice that rasps against the strum of guitar and steady drum beat.

The 6-track EP journeys through a range of emotional and instrumental range - in a way that feels refreshing, but well put together. You can check out the tracklist below to help you follow along!

 Photo by Stefanie Sexton, Design by Greg Geiger

Photo by Stefanie Sexton, Design by Greg Geiger

Love Songs for the Contemporary Listener Tracklist:

1. Machine
2. Oh My God
3. Love Songs for the Contemporary Listener
4. Black On Cherry
5. She Wears Me
6. I Dreamed I Lost My Girl

What we found most interesting about Deadfellow's EP was how it slowly disintegrated from a gritty, intense rock-infused, lyrically spite driven opening two tracks, to a more slow-moving, cathartic appreciation in the latter 4-tracks.

Opening track "Machine" is the "heaviest" of the six-tracks - but, much like the following songs, it builds up it's stamina to achieve an effect that gives listeners a taste of what to expect, but also to open up the EP with a nice, little bang. In Listeners for the Contemporary Listener we're categorizing "heavy" as a more impactful guitar, and rhythmic drum section - along with Deadfellow's voice in a thicker, raspier, grittier type of sound. "Oh My God" follows similarly instrumentally, while the tone itself is more in line with content in the latter tracks. 

"Love Songs for the Contemporary Listeners" rounds out the EP as track #3. 

The namesake track slides this EP into a smooth sadness that all at once feels longing and lonely to lustful and hungry. Deadfellow's voice, honestly, is what really solidifies this EP as one that has one of the strongest essences of 2016 - the brutality of emotional honesty is what makes the album feel haunting.

And, sure, yes Deadfellow can say all they want about this being a mockery of current dating culture - and it very much is, but this six-track EP resonates so deeply for those of us still having to trudge through that awful onslaught that is swiping right or sleeping with someone who doesn't want to get to know you. 

"Black On Cherry" and "She Wears Me" round out this already superbly full EP with quiet, tender moments. Personally, we love "Black On Cherry" because of that smooth drawl in the chorus, that sweet, sweet "Black On Cherry" moment is so, so satisfying.

Lastly, "I Dreamed I Lost My Girl" isn't a new track for us - having shared the music video a few months back, which you should totally check out right above! However, having it in the context of the EP makes it that much sweeter. The perfect single to release in anticipation for Love Songs for the Contemporary Listener - because maybe that's some of what this EP is.

A surreal, hungry, scared apparition simultaneously running, but yearning from the things that scares it. The things that make it want to love, to care, to feel, to hurt. This EP outlined an important moment in our own listening experience, and for that we applaud this work. We're excited to see what Deadfellow has in store for us (maybe a "Black On Cherry" music video), and we'll keep you in the loop for all the upcoming scoops!

For now, check out Deadfellow's social media, and definitely get your copy of Love Songs for the Contemporary Listener tomorrow, December 16th, so we can all share in these vibes.

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