Medusa's Disco - Fruit From A Timeless Planet Review


If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing a Medusa’s Disco live performance, their latest acoustic album, Fruit From a Timeless Planet, may very well be the next best experience. Medusa’s Disco is a psychedelic rock group by the most basic terms, but the deeper you delve, the quicker you discover that they are also so much more. They are a band that delivers some of the most captivating and engaging performances through their sheer emotion and incredibly refined pop-rock-esque music, and all of this is on full display on their latest EP. Beautiful harmonies, soaring roars, precise syncopation, and even a little bit of dark humor can all be found floating around the 6 tracks that inhabit Fruit From a Timeless Planet. Contrary to what you may think, despite this being an acoustic album, it rocks harder than some of the heavier rock acts I’ve heard in recent memory. 

When listening to Fruit From a Timeless Planet it can hard to think of Medusa’s Disco sounding like anything else than this awesome acoustic act, but what you are hearing is in fact only one side of the band. In the ether of time and space exists another totally separate but equally impressive incarnation of Medusa’s Disco that is plugged in and heavy in all the right ways. While the core members of Hunter Root, Wynton Huddle, Alex Aument, and Tyler Smith remain the same, something is inherently different between these 2 distinct sides of the band. Huddle trades in his electric guitar for a sitar, and the incredibly talented Robin Chambers joins in on violin and background vocals to create an entity all their own. This acoustic side of the band produces something that feels incredibly organic and real without feeling forced in any way.

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The beauty of Medusa’s Disco, and especially Fruit From a Timeless Planet, is that they both do not try to be anything other than what they want to be. The listener can feel this authenticity almost instantaneously as it is conveyed perfectly through the band’s artistry. 


Fruit From a Timeless Planet tracklist:
1)    Ask The Bird
2)    Cut off Communication
3)    Divine
4)    Not a Care in the World
5)    Unintended Consequences
6)    My Dear




The EP opens up with the track “Ask the Bird” which sets the tone immediately with sweeping violin, guitar and sitar sounds intertwined with the lyrics, “So I turned and asked the bird on my shoulder if I was going to die today. He winked his eye and flew away.” This subtle, enticing eeriness is quickly offset by the band’s more upbeat, rock sounds, and within the very first minute of the album, you, as a listener, already have an idea of the diversity and complexity this band is capable of achieving extremely well. This in all honesty kept me hooked as I couldn’t wait to listen to what was going to happen next. 

Each song is crafted and played to perfection and offers up unique sounds and ideas presented in ways that are familiar yet new and exciting to me at the same time. The more I listened to Fruit from a Timeless Planet the more I found myself thinking about the lyrics, and just like the music and melodies, how eclectic they truly are. These clashing musical influences from Root’s haunting vocals to Huddle’s powerful roars, and everything in-between offer an experience that you’ll be hard pressed to find another band offering as awesomely as Medusa’s Disco does. 

The only part of the album I had an issue with was track 4, “Not a Care in the World” going into track 5 “Unintended Consequences.” There’s a fairly lengthy jam at the end of track 4 that leads pretty inconspicuously into track 5, and if you’re not paying close attention it’s easy to mistake as one very long song. Normally this would not be an issue, but the EP hits kind of a lull here that doesn’t pick up until halfway through track 5. These 2 tracks are really good on their own rite, but in the context of the EP, since it is only a 6 song compilation, they sound too similar to one another to be back to back. This caused me to lose interest, but the EP picked back up really nicely, and finished with my favorite song, “My Dear.” 

Fruit From a Timeless Planet is a fantastic place to start your journey with Medusa’s Disco, or even if you already have, it is arguably their best recordings to date. For a band that shines so brightly during their live performances, capturing that emotion and intensity on a record has been no easy task, but Fruit from a Timeless Planet does, and does it beautifully.

Although the EP hits a little bit of a low point during the latter half, it is still a collection of powerful, catchy music, that intrigues as much as it inspires, and you should definitely check it out right now. 

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