Knightlife - Field Day Review

Here at The Hook, we've been taking some time to think about how little good, brand new rock there is surfacing - especially out here in the Philadelphia, PA scene. A scene dominated by the DIY emo punk ethic, it is a breath of fresh air to experience our newest friends over at Knightlife. 

Knightlife is comprised of Bruce MacKnight, Blaine Alderfer, Rich Giduck, and Ryan Herrmann - a quartet that creates a specific, but recognizable sound that Knightlife has been sure to cultivate as their own! Their debut EP, Field Day, was released in September of this year - and has been an exciting jumping off point for the four-piece rock band. 

According to the band's bandcamp, "In the summer of 2016 Knightlife had the opportunity to enter the studio with Producer Ted Richardson, of TedAudio. The goal of those sessions was to create music that captures the essence of Knightlife’s brand of rock music."

And today we're stoked to be checking out Field Day as one of our latest reviewed pieces! Check out the tracklist below!

Field Day Tracklist: 
1. Slow Down
2. Choose Your Side
3. Superman






The three track EP is a quick way into the minds of Knightlife. Opening track "Slow Down" is a smooth, guitar infused track spanning at nearly 5 minutes long. It takes time to appreciate the reverb of the guitar, the hit of each drum beat. 

What we really appreciate about the EP as it works it's way through the 3-tracks, is that it is constantly changing it's sound while maintaining a fluid ideal!

We see this happen in track 2, "Choose Your Side" which almost reminds me of sounds similar to 90's alt-rock! The technique of a more relaxed vocal performance, lyrics almost spoken, and a guitar/bass tweak that not only follows the vocal delivery, but highlights it. Final track, "Superman" brings us back to a more contemporary sound, while it follows a similar style as "Slow Down" does.

Each of these tracks show off a possible future for Knightlife and what listeners can maybe expect out of them in the time to come! We're hoping that their sound grows a bit more, where at points the vocals are not always in sync with the intensity of the music or vice versa. It would be interesting to see a concentrated effort to create a collection of tracks that takes this base level of music/ideas and broadens it even further. 

We're excited to see where Knightlife is headed! And until then, check out their social media, buy their EP, send them fanmail, you know the drill!

Knightlife: Facebook // Bandcamp