Added Color - Psycho EP Review

A name change has lead Added Color to their latest, and most exciting release yet!

Added Color, formally known as Unconscious Disturbance, have debuted their brand new EP, Psycho. The collaborative effort of 2 years worth of writing and dozens of shows, Added Color has finally shared the quintessential EP to represent their sound and ideals! The 5-track EP, Psycho, is a funky, progressive pop rock type sound that is easy to get lost in - put it on in the car, windows down. 

According to their own biography, Added Color is a Brazilian/American rock band formed in Brooklyn, NY. Comprised of brothers Daniel and Kiko Freiberg (São Paulo), Tim Haggerty (Boston), and Danny Dahan (Washington DC). Added Color has played close to 200 shows in over 20 states in the USA, and toured internationally playing a mini-tour in Canada, a two week tour in Morocco and major festivals in Brazil such as Porão do RockThe Monsters of Rock Festival officially nominated them as one of five of Brazil’s upcoming rock bands. The band has received critical praise from PureVolume, Red Bull Music, The Huffington Post, AOL Noisecreep, and was chosen as a "must see show" by The Village Voice.

An impressive resume to boast about, sure. But were we impressed? Yes, yes we were. Check out the tracklist for Psycho below!

Psycho Tracklist:
1. Pyscho
2. Our Secret
3. Nasty Habit
4. About To Break
5. Scream





Psycho is an incredible EP in all ways that I want to listen to music. The instrumental aspect is captivating, smooth, a sound that lures the listener in from opening track to closing. The lyricism is enchanting, it begs to be sung along with, and in general the music feels good. It echoes, it ebbs and flows, it pushes Added Color above and beyond expectations from previous releases to now. 

Opening track "Psycho" could be on the radio. With an essence of rock, pop and indie that exchange between one another throughout the EP, Psycho is constantly showing me something new every listen. Between the edging guitar riffs, a smooth bass, and the static of the drumbeat alongside that classic rock vocal you're in for a hypnotic EP experience.

Check out the music video for "Psycho" below!

According to the band, the EP was decided out of 20+ songs that had been written. Each played at different shows to gauge responsiveness and reception. The top 5 of those tracks make up Psycho, and it's very clear that every track on this EP has a purpose. "Psycho" opens up to "Our Secret" which feels a little bit heavier instrumentally, but evens itself out to a smooth rock inspired track. "Nasty Habit" uses a fun group vocal tactic to highlight the chorus, while "About To Break" slows it down. Closing track "Scream" brings out the best of the previous four tracks in a way that's surprising and exciting.

I wish that this EP was longer, but maybe that's me being selfish. The opening and closing tracks felt the most powerful to me in all aspects, while the middle tracks yearned for something more at times. Overall, I'm excited to see what comes out of Added Color and where they're headed to next. With a debut release this well put together and groovy, the sky is limitless for the four piece!

To keep up with Added Color, check out their social media below and be sure to check out Psycho this summer!

Added Color: Website // Facebook // Instagram // Soundcloud

Sleeping Patterns - A Little Blood Never Hurt Anyone Review

Out of Massachusetts comes an exciting addition to post-rock, Sleeping Patterns. The band is celebrating the recent release of their debut LP, A Little Blood Never Hurt Anyone.

Sleeping Patterns is a 5-piece post-rock/emo band from Worcester, Massachusetts and A Little Blood Never Hurt Anyone follows two previous releases, an acoustic session and an EP. The album was released on 12” Vinyl/CD through Honest Face Records and Counter Intuitive Records. When asked about the album title and artwork, Guitarist/Vocalist Zach Boudrot said, “The album artwork is a representation of the loss of innocence that accompanies emotional and physical pain. Learning to grow, and using that as a catalyst for change in your life is extremely important to benefiting your well-being as a person.” 

The 11-track album is an incredibly emotional and technically exciting album for listeners and fans. It's a nice change of pace for the band as well, while this album exudes a confidence that the 2015 EP, Prejudice, seems to lack in both experience and willingness. 

Check out the tracklist below!

A Little Blood Never Hurt Anyone Tracklist:
1. Prelude
2. Choose
3. Barely Enough
4. Raindance
5. Cigarette Song
6. A Little Blood
7. Embryonal Carcinoma
8. I Wrote This Song While Thinking Of You
9. Cut Ties
10. Breaking A Lung
11. Obsolete

I'm not one for Preludes, and Sleeping Patterns' does little for me in terms of this album. The prelude also feels a little bit darker than some of the corresponding tracks it follows. However, this entire album is really stinkin' good.

Each track is emotional, easy to follow, and leaves me with the desire to play it over and over again. The journey that A Little Blood Never Hurt Anyone takes you on is one you want to memorize lyrics too. It's a grown up version of what Sleeping Patterns has been doing - more focused musically and instrumentally, hitting hard into love and loss. This album also has some of the best track titles I've ever seen, as I'm always into the "I Wrote This Song While Thinking Of You" or "Breaking A Lung."

Either way, check this out, an album you definitely want to be a part of and keep up with Sleeping Patterns on their social media, which you can check out below!

Sleeping Patterns: Facebook

Haunted Homes - Seance At The Shore Review

Some of The Hook's favorites are making their way back around with their newest releases and we couldn't be more stoked on it! Today we're talking about Haunted Homes, the spooky rock band that integrates entities of cosmic, country and spook all into one beautiful little EP. 

Seance At The Shore is Haunted Homes most recent EP and comes after their February release of "CoastGhost2Coast" and "Spooksville, USA." The 4-track EP follows suit, and addition to the sound that Haunted Homes is working with and perfecting. With this genre blending and nearly conceptual quintet, there's sure to be a song to jam out to on Seance At The Shore.

Check out the tracklist below to follow along.

Seance At The Shore Tracklist:
1. The Rattlesnake King
2. Vacation On The Dead Sea
3. Mischief Night
4. An Evening Of Magic






What I really dug about this album was the added surf rock elements that Haunted Homes incorporated to flesh out their already solid sound. This EP opens with "The Rattlesnake King" which is most reminiscent of the February 2-track EP. The dreamy, far away vocals fall against the mixed instrumental that fluctuates between spooky and desert. 

There wasn't much I didn't enjoy about this, it seems like a productive growth for Haunted Homes in carving out their own unique sound for listeners to latch onto. We're ready to follow them to the end! Check out a stream of our favorite track thanks to Bandcamp down below!

You can catch Haunted Homes in Philly on August 23rd at Ortliebs with The Whips/Petunia. In the meantime, check out this EP, and check out what Haunted Homes is up to via their social media. We really dug this one, so don't miss it!

Haunted Homes: Facebook // Instagram

Retroglyphs - Self Titled Review

Philadelphia has a habit of bringing together all kinds of people. It is the city of brotherly love after all. So, why should it be any different in music? If you've ever heard "Nightcall" by Kavinsky, and you dig it, you're gonna like this. Retroglyphs are an 80's inspired synth band that transforms electronic music into something that feels familiar and new all in one. 

The band was started by Frank Cervantes and his friend Josh Dowiak. The pair used to be in a band called The Once Was, until a few months when they discovered their passion for making 80's inspired music. Since then they've decided to go all in on Retroglyphs, and lately they've been seeing really great results! The band began by leaking tracks on Soundcloud and submitting their single "The Noose" to New Retro Wave Records, and to their surprise they released it on the We Rule Nation platform, which is a pretty big deal. 

Following that success, the song was then remixed by Damokles, a famous Swedish retrowave producer, and other tracks of theirs were then remixed by artists in Netherlands and Poland. The band also boasts songs featured in Philthy Mag and WXPN, so you'd be silly to not check this one out, you heard it here first.

Retroglyph's took all of their successes and compiled them into a self-titled album. A 10-track collective of differing electronic sounds and synth noises. You can check out the tracklist below to follow along!

Retroglyphs Tracklist:
1. Hyperdrive
2. Wild Road
3. One Last Kiss
4. Imposter
5. Transformation
6. War Torn
7. The Noose
8. No Glory In The Fall
9. Forever Time
10. Two Years



The self-titled album is an 80's inspired montage of tracks that sound like they could've come straight out of a movie soundtrack. The production and quality of the album is impeccable, if I'm being completely honest. There is very little I dislike about this album. Each track brings it's own personality to the album, creating an atmosphere that is not going to burden you with too much of the same things, and also feel cohesive enough to be a complete album.

The combination of synths, keyboards and drum beats to create the album feel nostalgic and also exciting. Retroglyphs aren't singularly stuck in the past, but have taken notes and are creating something that feels good. Their music is best listened to while driving in the car, sitting, or outside on the beach. I made sure to test all locations for this one!

One thing I wasn't really keen on was accessibility. Besides Spotify (which, if I haven't told anyone yet, is my least favorite way of streaming music), the album is available on iTunes which can make it hard to listen to. You can find the album pieced together with various remixes on soundcloud, which was how I listened. However, in comparison to the gravity of the album's depth, the level of music being played, and the overall tone of the album, this minor inconvenience can be overlooked!

Check out one of our absolute favorites, "The Noose" below.

Keep up with Retroglyphs by checking out their social media below, and definitely do check out their music on their soundcloud! We look forward to what comes next from these guys!

Retroglyphs: Facebook // Soundcloud

Shawn and Kira - Unexpected Album Review

Out of West Chester, PA comes singer/songwriter duo Shawn and Kira. Shawn and Kira are a pop duo consisting of multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Shawn O'Donnell along with vocalist Kira Clements! The pair are celebrating the release of their debut EP, Unexpected, which dropped May 16th of this year!

The four track EP is a sweet, sensitive little diddy of a collection, one you definitely want to get your hands on this summer. Shawn & Kira are a duo that bring to life this beautiful fusion of singer/songwriter emotion, surf rock fun, and hints of jazz to keep it neat. 

Check out the tracklist below to keep up!

Unexpected Tracklist:
1. Unexpected
2. P.D.A. 03:35
3. You're My Shelter 03:25
4. Oh, The Places You'll Go! 03:37





Opening title track is the perfect 'hello' to listeners.

The fun, sensitive track drops listeners into the world that is Shawn and Kira. The duo bring together a romantic type of diddy into each of the tracks they bring forth. The instrumental background for all 4 tracks is strong, carrying the songs against the beating of the voices. Their voices juxtapose one another in an interesting way, some of which feels successful, and other of which I hoped for a bit more.

Tracks like "Unexpected" and "Oh, The Places You'll Go," feel strong for Shawn and Kira. The songs bookend the EP, which makes sense. Shawn's guitar highlights "Unexpected" with just the right amount of quirky come through. Kira's voice grounds the track in the thickness of her vocal addition. "P.D.A." and "You're My Shelter" felt the most incomplete to me on the EP. I wonder if Shawn and Kira could put some more work into tracks that would compliment not only their own voices, but the duo in a more productive way. 

Check out our EP favorite, "Unexpected," below!

Overall, this sweet lil' EP has tons to offer and you should definitely check it out. To keep up with Shawn and Kira, check out their social media down below, and as always thanks for reading!

Shawn and Kira: Website // YouTube // Facebook // Twitter // Instagram

Years End - Ring Of Bone Review

The EP Ring Of Bone by Year’s End is an overall powerful collection of songs, with a sound that will throw you back to the years where The Devil Wears Prada ruled over your MP3 player. While there are some moments that incorporate heavy djent elements, they compliment the music and are not out of place with the direction this EP took. All things considered, Year’s End did a fantastic with Ring Of Bone, and it’s something new to pull off of post-hardcore’s dusty shelf.

Check out the tracklist below!

Ring Of Bone Tracklist:
1. War Town
2. Stargazer
3. The Only Living Boy in the Mid Atlantic
4. Old Hands
5. Black Lodge
6. Sans Amour
7. Indigo
8. Locust Grove
9. Prime
10. I Saved Latin, What Did You Ever Do?



Ring of Bone starts off strong with “War Town,” driving you to understand just how trapped Freeman feels. His vocals are a refreshing sound that have slight hints to Like Moths To Flame’s Chris Roetter’s abilities. It is clear with just the first song that this band was heavily influenced by the post-hardcore bands that raised anyone who listened to the genre, and that they won’t forget just how much the sound has impacted them as people. Something to really love about this band is that by listening to their music, you get a good sense of just how invested they would be during a live show. It’s clear to see, especially in songs like “The Only Living Boy In the Mid-Atlantic” and “Old Hands,” where you can just feel yourself in the pit at their show. These songs cause a knee-jerk reaction in me to want to scream their lyrics back to them.

With that said, they also do have a calmer song on their EP called “Indigo,” that pulls the heavy and fast-paced feel of the track back several steps and makes you reflect on how quickly you can go from 100 back down to zero in a few seconds. Personally, through all of it, this is probably my favorite track from the compilation, really bringing my focus back to center before picking me up and revving me back to life with the very relatable song “Locust Grove.” As one comes to the end of the EP, the track “I Saved Latin, What Did You Ever Do?” really closes it out with a solid feeling, and a relatable message of self-loathing. The track is a firm close to the collection, and really gives one a solid understanding of what this band set out to do when they combined their efforts to create these tracks.

All of the tracks on Ring Of Bone were written, tracked, mixed and produced very well. The Stick To Your Guns type of feeling that these songs give you will have you regret you missed their show with My Ticket Home in 2015, and have you hoping to see them out with Like Moths To Flames. It would be easy to see these guys being signed to InVogue or Fearless Records in the upcoming years, and hopefully they’ll pursue this passion that they have cultivated into a true talent. While there’s always room for improvement, hats off to all the members of Year’s End, and cheers to your bright future.

To keep up with Years End, check out their social media to follow along with anything that's coming out soon!

Years End: Facebook 

COPES - Never Better Review

Copes, the alt-rock trio based out of Baltimore Maryland has released their debut album, Never Better back in March of 2017. Grunge meets punk meets garage rock in this quick, hard-hitting, and emotional journey that spans 7 tracks and is actually a lot of fun. From the moment the record begins to its final notes, Never Better’s Nirvana, Green Day, and Pixies influences are undeniable and take you back to genre of music that has all but disappeared since the late 90’s. It’s a refreshing yet nostalgic sound that permeates the entire album and helps make Copes a real delight to listen to. 

Copes is comprised of Sebastian Pinto (guitar/vocals), Vinnie Burke (drums), and Alec Pugliese (bass) and is the embodiment of the DIY underground scene of days past. From hand making a lot of their own merch, to even recording their own records, Copes is about as authentic as they come, and the listener can definitely feel that. Unlike a lot of DIY acts however, Copes never feels cheap or rushed, but rather polished with just enough grit around the edges. It’s very clear that Never Better is the product of a lot of passion and dedication. Nothing here is particularly groundbreaking or extraordinary, but the beauty behind Copes is that it doesn’t need to be.

Never Better never tries to be anything other than what it is at its core; an alternative grunge album that pays homage to the acts that inspired it, and that’s exactly the reason is works so well.

Never Better Tracklist:
1. Never Better
2. Rights
3. Vertigo
4. Ghost
5. Drop Out
6. Crutch
7. I’m Gone




The album starts off with riveting drums that almost feel like surf rock in the track “Never Better.” These drums surprisingly, yet very effectively, lead into a classic grunge riff on guitar that has the perfect tone and feel to it followed by the angsty vocals of Pinto. It’s a solid opening track that introduces us to what Copes is all about and never overstays its welcome.

The next track “Rights” shows us a bit of a softer side of the band, but is quickly offset by a heavy, loud, and dirty chorus that serves as a fantastic track that shows us Copes’ dynamic. Moving on,  “Vertigo” is the first glimpse of the fun, pop-punk side of the group. It’s a fast, rhythmic, and catchy song and is one of my personal favorites off the record.

The following track “Ghost” is the polar opposite of the previous one. It’s classic grunge meets a bit of emo, with soft emotional verses and incredibly loud and heavy choruses with pseudo screaming vocals. “Ghost” is a fantastic track and is filled with moody ambiance in all the right ways. The following track, “Drop Out” while a solid song, was ultimately forgettable for me. It’s of the same ilk as “Vertigo” which isn’t a bad thing, but for such a short album, these 2 songs sound too similar to one another for them both to be memorable. 

“Crutch” almost seems like Copes attempt at a Weezer song. It’s a little off-kilter, but that’s what makes it appealing. A fun and inviting dance beat, and bright guitar riff lay underneath the entire track and provide a cool juxtaposition to the capricious sounding vocals. The finale of the record “I’m Gone” is as fitting an ending to an album as anyone could hope for. It feels big and epic and ultimately gives the listener a feeling of closure that seems to be absent in a lot of music today for some reason or another. It’s pounding beat gives it a very simple feeling, but still manages to satisfy the need for variety through its subtle changing vocals and guitar solos. 

Never Better is a good album. It’s a familiar sound that seems to have gone missing from the music scene presented in a fresh, authentic, and most importantly fun way. Copes is a band that knows their strengths and plays to them rather than try and be something that feels forced and in-genuine. These are quick, well written songs that know where they come from. They respect the icons and legends that inspired them without ever sounding like just a knockoff, and it makes for a really enjoyable record.

Check out their social media to stay up to date!

Copes: Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp // YouTube

Canyon Ride - Wasting Time With Ghosts Review

Canyon Ride have taken quite the journey to get to their debut EP release, and we’re so excited to be able to celebrate the end of that adventure with them! With hints of Americana, rock and country music to inspire them, you’re sure to find a track you’re into while listening to debut EP, Wasting Time With Ghosts!

The 5-track EP is the culmination of months of hard work perfecting the lineup and sound that Canyon Ride wanted to emulate. Canyon Ride consists of Kelly Derrig (vocals), Cam Clark (guitar/harmonica/banjo), Ryan Kosinski (bass), and Chris DeSaye (drums/supporting vox), and the lady led band is leaving it’s mark with their unique vintage rock and roll sound combined with the slow, sweet voice from Derrig.

Check out the tracklist below!

Wasting Time With Ghosts Tracklist: 
1. High Tide
2. Satisfied
3. Holding Thy Own
4. Winter Drums
5. Tennessee





This EP was more reminiscent of country than any of the other genres that they had suggested, with hints of folk and Americana in the instrumentals, Derrig’s voice is most definitely inspired by a more feminine country heart. The haunting aspects of this EP make it one that feels along with the listener. Tracks like “Satisfied” and “Tennessee” are impactful and important for the base in which Canyon Ride is trying to formulate their own standing and place in their scene.

There are a few things about this EP that could definitely benefit from Canyon Ride continuing to hone their sound and skills as a collective. In spots Derrig’s voice doesn’t feel supported by the instrumental background, both in that the guitar/bass seem like they want to be more rock influenced, and Derrig’s voice seemingly is automatically a more Americana/country style. I was impressed by this EP for it’s sheer momentum and need for being. It holds it’s own and represents a solid band that is new, but definitely a force to be reckoned with.

I look forward to Canyon Ride finding their footing and progressing above and beyond Wasting Time With Ghosts. As artists we all must continuously get better to achieve our greatest selves, and I have no doubt in Canyon Ride accomplishing this.

To keep up with the band, check out their social media below, and definitely check out Wasting Time With Ghosts so you don’t miss a single beat!

Canyon Ride: Website // Facebook // Instagram